Post by caligirl08 » July 18th, 2008, 8:14 am
My bf recently purchased a diamond from WF, which I was happy about because I suggested that he purchase it from them. I emailed them about a diamond I was interested in and Lesley was extremely responsive and very helpful! I felt very comfortable about working with them (especially with their upgrade policy since you all have warned me about PS shrinkage..ha!)

I gave my bf input as to which diamond I preferred, but he said he didn''t want me to see it in person before he proposed. However, I accidentally discovered my ring since we live together. It''s a gorgeous diamond but I decided I wanted a little thinner band so I asked my mom if I could try a few of her rings on for comparison. She mentioned to me that she had a diamond ring that she''s been keeping in the bank that she wanted to give me to have as an engagement ring.

It was a few days past the return policy (and in all fairness, I did not contact WF about the diamond, only about exchanging the band), but I would''ve liked the option of considering my mom''s ring since she is terminally ill. Chances are that I would have kept the WF ring since my bf purchased it for me, but it would put my mind at ease to at least know there was an option there...

I''m a little disappointed by the return policy, now learning that almost every other vendor out there has a 30 day policy. Is anyone else a little disappointed by this as well? I understand not wanting people to take advantage of more lenient policies and having customers sit on a diamond, but in reality, unexpected things can sometimes arise that one cannot plan for.

As a side note, I have referred several people to Whiteflash- and will continue to do so- as I think they are great to work with. I just wish the return policy had been a little bit longer so I could have at least been at peace with knowing I had a choice in the matter. Thanks for hearing me out!