Post by sparkley » March 9th, 2006, 9:56 am

Hello all-
My boyfriend and I are looking into buying a stone that has a chip in it, due to budget constraints. The seller has taken it to an appraiser who ran a Megascope Recut Function analysis on the stone. Since I do not know much about it...can someone tell me an expected cost to have a diamond recut, and how risky it is... Or just look at the info below and tell me any thoughts you have, as I am a novice at this...Is it unsafe for the structure of the diamond to hid the chip under a prong again if it is small? Could it end up cracking? Could we do this to hold us over to pay for the recutting? Sorry for all of the questions...we are going 3hrs to look at an estate ring on Sunday, so I would like to sort this out before then.

Shape and cut: Old European Cut
Measurements: 7.18 x 7.47 x 4.89mm
Weight: 1.61ct
Clarity: I-1 (small chip, formerly hidden by prong)
Color: H
Cut: Good class 2a
Florescence: None

Recut Function Report:

Thanks in advance!!Image