Post by anchor31 » April 4th, 2006, 2:15 pm
Allycat has been giving me a bit on advice, and I was wondering about other people''s experiences too.

My boyfriend has a 2000$ CA budget (tax included). After trying a ton of rings on, I decided that I would love to have is an ideal cut eyeclean .50-ish ct RB in a WG tiffany style four-prongs setting. I know we could get this online, but if anything happened to the stone or ring it would be quite the hassle to get it fixed because we''d have to send it back across the border. On the other hand, after visiting a few stores together over Spring Break, I doubt very much that we could get the same quality and prices locally... Image

Can you tell me about your ring buying experiences? Do you have any advice, and places you recommend visiting?

I''d love to hear from other non-American customers to and get there point of view! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Image