Post by kysersohse » May 15th, 2006, 1:39 am
Sorry if this is a topic that has been discussed all too often but I am new to the board and would appreciate some help.  I have been looking for a 2.0 - 2.3 carat, princess-cut diamond for months.  I would prefer a G - H color, and a VVS2 - VS2 rating.  I have exhausted (I think) my local resources in Houston and have not been satisfied; thus, I have looked online with some very intriguing results.  I have noticed many of the patrons of Pricescope have had great success with WF, but not so many of you have purchased from Blue Nile.  I have been especially drawn to the Blue Nile "Signature" cuts and am wondering if anyone has any experience with these stones?  The other diamonds of great interest are the Whiteflash "Expert Selections."  I am convinced that there are certainly very good deals to be had online and am quite convinced this is my best value, am I correct in that assessment?  Any advice or recommendation would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you for your help, KS.Image