Post by D2B » February 15th, 2010, 3:39 pm

I am about to have my 3 stone appraised for aussie insurance purposes, (will post pics after all this is doneImage) and wondered

1) what insurance companies for jewellery do fellow australians recommend? I have an ACA stone I would like to replace with the same specs etc if something happend, not have them buy me some horrid cut stone that happens to be the same size and colour and clarity iykwim

2) do any of the australian insureres replace a lost stone or damaged stone, not just stolen ring

Many thanks, I have started to talk to one or two insurers and it quicky becomes obvious that diamond insurance is not on their list of high priorityImage

hmmmm, so please please please any advice suggestions much appreciated as always.

Garry if you are reading this, who do you recommend for a pricescoper? Any on your shortlist that your clients have dealt with and had good reviews?