Post by elymt » January 23rd, 2009, 9:41 am
First off, what a wonderful site, thanks for just being here. :)

Looking for an engagement ring, I''m just starting out, and I''m trying to make this as painless as possible. There are so many things to consider that if I''m not careful I''m going to drive myself crazy trying to learn everything at once. What I''d like to do is lay out for you what I''m looking for, what I can spend, and any help you can give me is much appreciated.

What I''ve got is about $4,000 to put towards a round stone. Just using something like Bluenile''s diamond search it looks like I''m around 1.1ct at the top end (size-wise) for a very good, H SI2, all the way to .5ct for ideal G VS1. And all I can think to ask is, given my target amount (I certainly don''t mind going under that, but also don''t mind going slightly over for a great deal) what would the experts be expecting in a good diamond? Put another way, if you had $4,000 to spend, with cut being the biggest factor (but size also being important), what would you hope or expect to find? Can I get a ~1.0ct diamond for $4k that isn''t junk?

Thanks so much!