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So, after lurking here for 6+ months, I’ve decided to finally make a post to see if all the resident asscher experts can help me out/ give advice, etc. Originally, I was (and I am still am) a bit hesitant about doing so, in case someone were to come in and snatch whatever recommendations came up- but at this point I’m considering a range of sizes, and I’m hoping that if a few choices are available, at least one or two should still be there once it’s time to purchase  (hopefully within approx. 2-6 months).

All this being said- I was originally looking for a stone in the 1.25 range and was/ am really digging one available at- let’s just say “the place to go for asschers”-  I e-mailed (and I’m sure drove crazy lol) Sarah back & forth a bit about that one- but the ftb & i decided to wait a bit on the purchase, and in the meantime- after scrutinizing a close friend’s 1.62 princess cut several times/ putting it on while joking around, etc.- let’s just say I’m starting to wonder if maybe something in the 1.5 size would be a bit…..nicerImage.  I do realize the same vendor above ^ has a couple in this range as well, which I’m keeping my eye onImage.

As far as general specs I’m looking for: D- H (preferably G+) VS1- SI1 clarity, EX, EX (though if it’s a VG, but  has good light performance/ looks better in person than it does in paper- why not!)

For reference, I’m one of those small- fingered gals (size 3)Image So, yeah- I know a 1.25 would probably be just the perfect, lovely size- but, well- I’m also not opposed to something that stands out just a bit more than thatImage. I split my time b/t two major metro areas- Chicago/ Miami- so I see some rocks out there…
  Also, I’m looking at having it set in a delicate split shank pave setting- I LOVE Birk’s split shank, but I believe they don’t set outside stones/ even if they did, I think the price is 3- 4 K, & that’s a bit more than we’d like to spend on a setting.
 I’m really liking this one at a reasonable price:

Custom versions are also a consideration, and we were quoted $2,000 for one by Sarah- but- obviously- we’re still considering all options.

As far as $$$- Lol, I don’t know how my fiancé-to-be deals with me, b/c we started out with a 6/7K budget and a 1- 1.25 ct stone- and well- as you can see, I’m thinking of  nudging that up a bit… To be fair though, I told him I’d put up anywhere b/t $3-5K of it myself if it means I get the ring of my dreams.
For a 1.5 ct-I’d prefer it in the 8/9K range (I don’t want to go much over 10K for the final product-and that’s the final answer, I swear, LOL)- and I realize this means it’ll probably be closer to a G-H & /VS2/SI1 for something with an awesome cut (cut is king!), but that’s fine. Point is- if any resident experts can come on here and give a few more examples that I might want to look into, or better yet- find something better than a G/H that’d be awesome! (I love Sarah, and the co. she represents, but at the same time- I’d still like to look at all possible avenues + get some opinions here).
 If anyone has recommendations on those split shank settings that’d be great too- so far, I feel like I’ve seen em all-  the one above, an Adwar version shown to us by DBOF (boy did they have some nice Royals there!), One by Gem Diamond Co, one by Verragio at C.D. Peacock, Daniel K’s Union Square, quite a few by Danhov on James Allen’s site, the Birk’s split shank  (I tried it on with their Amorique and I ALMOST fainted!), and this one on Jeweler’s Row  in Chicago  (they said they could take out the baguettes but I’m iffy on that one).

 And finally- If you guys think- that I should stick with an asscher in the 1.25 ct range (and of course it wouldn’t hurt to save $$)- let me know your feelings on that too. I’m just recently throwing out the idea of looking for something a bit bigger, so I may just stick with the 1.25 size, but we''ll see. (Ultimately the fiance -to- be has a bit of say in this too, and maybe he prefers a more modest size/ doesn''t want us to spend that extra $$$- I''m not sure....) Anyway, at this point- I’m curious as to what the experts here have to say.:) Whatever happens, I know that I’m dealing with great vendors & people that know their stuff- so the outcome should be fantastic (and of course- pics will be provided… when the time comes) Thank you so so much for your time and help – I’m assuming Strmrdr, Kaleigh, Decodelighted, Lauren, etc. might have a few things to say (I know that sounds a bit creepy that I’ve been reading your posts for so long, but you all are awesome, and it’s about time I came here and said, “Hi.:)” – Thank you! - Jess