Post by singlet_oxygen » June 18th, 2003, 12:54 am
Hi everyone,

my first post on this forum. Thanks to Pricescope and the tutorial of commercial websites, I finally comme up with three stones. I would be very grateful to anyone who could give personal feelings or inputs about theses stones as my deadline is coming up. Thank you in advance.

Here is the alternative to make my final decision. Living in France at the moment, it is quite difficult to get the specific info we need to run all the recommended (such as HCA) tests. So any comment / suggestion about the stone worth to pick ?

** 1.22 D/ VS2 : $ 11 200 GIA cert

polish and symetry Excellent Excellent 6.81 - 6.88 X 4.28MM height
total depth 62,5 table 57,0 proportions equiv Vg
medium fluorescence

My concern is that a D color with a medium fluoresence may not be a good choice. The couple D /VS2 neither. Any thought ?

** 1.11 D / VVS2 HRD certified $ 11828
Proportions Very good
medium fluorescence table 58 % crown 15 % pavillion 45 %
My comment : I think that the relation D/VVS2 is more homogenous but maybe a little bit small compared to the following one 1.22 (is there any visible difference). Same comment as the following as far as the medium fluorescence for a D color is concerned.

** 1.10 D/VS1 GIA $ 11 000
depth 62 % table 56 %
medium faceted culet none
polish / symetry excellent / excellent fluorescence none
same as 1.11 small ?

Thank you for your help.