Post by verticalhorizon » March 29th, 2004, 1:56 pm
Ok, I''m jumping the gun a bit, b/c I''m still shopping for the ring, but I figure while I''m waiting for my research to pay off...

My GF''s parents live far away. About an 8 hour drive.

She has said in passing that her parents wouldn''t care if I asked them their blessings before I proposed. In fact, she wouldn''t even expect me to.

My problems are that:

1.) I''m a bit of a traditionalist on an occasion like this;
2.) Her parents are far away;
3.) I''m kinda scared of her dad-he''s the silent type... but at least he''s like that to everybody

In this case, with no possible option of being able to get together with her parents alone, would it be ok to phone them?

What about her giving me the "out" of not having to ask in the first place?

We are planning on going to visit eventually... but I thought it would be great if I had already proposed by then so she can show off the ring and we can celebrate. I want the proposal to be personal w/o the family around.

Questions, comments?
VH (aka GroomZilla)

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