Post by Mysteryman2320 » September 13th, 2007, 4:16 pm

Maybe you gals can give me some advice. I was planning on proposing in Atlantic City, NJ by hiring a plane flying a “Will you marry me?” banner across the beach. This was going to happen in late October or early November. Atlantic City is not special to us or anything like that. It’s just the least suspicious place for me to get her on a beach (at that time of year) since all the casinos are right on the boardwalk.

We are going on a cruise to Bermuda in a few weeks. I was thinking maybe a Bermuda beach would be a little nicer than a New Jersey beach!

I considered doing it in Bermuda before, but I just let it go. I don’t know why. I guess I felt like she would almost “expect” me to do it on our next vacation. It seems like a lot of people get engaged on vacation, particularly on cruise ships.

A friend just mentioned the Bermuda idea today, and now that I think about it again, it might not be a bad idea. I wouldn’t do it on the ship though. I think somewhere on the island would be more romantic. I tried looking for some sky banner companies down there, but I haven’t had any luck yet, and I don’t have much hope.

I guess I can take her for a walk on the beach at sunset. There are supposedly some really beautiful caves down there as well. And of course there’s the ocean. Maybe we can go on a boat ride or something?

How would you feel getting engaged away from your family and friends and not being able to see them for at least 3-4 days? Bad idea?

I'm also worried about taking the ring through security at the cruise ship terminal! I hope it doesnt set the metal detector off!


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