Post by dangerzone9k » July 22nd, 2016, 8:18 am
Hi all,

I'm looking to propose soon and I would like to get some feedback as to where I should propose in NY. We are in a long distance relationship. I met her earlier this year in January. I living in DC at the moment. Also her sister said that she would be happy to help and I might take her up on that idea. I not going to tell her when I coming up to see her. Her sister can go up one weekend and visit her but she would be helping me out on the proposal surprise.

She would like the proposal to be intimate... Here are some of the ideas that I was thinking.

1) Gantry Park in Long island. Her sister can take her there and I would be waiting for her and propose to her during sunset and over looking Manhattan.

2) More expensive option would be renting out a private rooftop terrance that has a view of the empire state building. I would already be on the rooftop and her sister would accompany her there was well. This would likely take place during sunset. I'm not sure if her sister and her should eat before or if we all should get dinner after the proposal. I'm thinking that it makes sense to have dinner after.