Post by Whiteknight55 » March 27th, 2004, 1:11 pm
UPDATE: I did it! We're engaged! Details can be found here.

I still have a few weeks until my setting will come in so I have some time to work with, but I have a preliminary proposal idea.

My girlfriend and I do not live together, and I was thinking that I could pretend to send a wedding invitation to her through the mail. On the day that the invitation "arrives", I will be waiting at her house where she won't see me when she comes home from work. The invitation will be to our wedding, with date/time etc. TBA. At the end it will say "RSVP with the groom. He is available by phone at blah blah blah, or on the front porch between the hours of *** and ***." She will rush out to the porch, and there I'll be. I say my thing, produce the ring.

I know it's not extravagent, but what do you think? It's just an idea I'd like some feedback on.