Post by red_men85 » March 8th, 2012, 8:21 am
Hi all,

I'm brand new to this site and stumbled across the forums when I was doing a bit of research into Paris, and where the best places might be to propose. I've seen some other Paris-based topics aswell, which are helpful, but I'm fairly nervous about the whole thing and don't know Paris at all - so any help would be much appreciated.

I've booked to go to Paris with my other half for 3 nights at the end of April. The second night will be our 5 year anniversary of being together and I had initially thought about doing it then. For a number of reasons I now think the first night is the better bet - it will mean I can enjoy the rest of the trip without being wracked by nerves, for example. Also, my other half has always wanted to go to the ballet and the only night I could get ballet tickets was the first night that we are there, so that's what we'll be doing.

My vague plan is to propose after the ballet. It's at the Palais Garnier operahouse and, since I've never been to Paris, I don't know what is near there and whether there are any suitable spots. Bear in mind it will be after 10pm by the time the ballet finishes, so will be dark.

I'd really appreciate some thoughts and tips as to whether there are any nice spots around there for me to do it. I don't want it to be a public affair so crowded places aren't really an option. Equally I'll be avoiding places where there might be homeless people or dodgy characters!

The alternative might be to do it before the ballet, whilst it's still light outside. The only issue I have with that is that we won't have been in Paris long (only a few hours) and it seems better to do it after we've enjoyed a special evening.

Any thoughts or tips are welcome!