Post by EastCoast » January 4th, 2009, 3:21 pm
I plan on proposing the first week in April, but want everything to run perfectly, so I''m already stressing myself out over it Image. Heres the plan:

We both love being outdoors and I promised her a hot air balloon ride early in our relationship (still have never done it). My plan is to take her on a short hike up a mountain in Virginia near where we met in college. There is a beautiful view where we will be able to see the hot air balloon that awaits (she wont know its for us). I will propose on top of the mountain (surprise 1) and then let her know that the balloon is for us (surprise 2). After our hot air balloon ride we''ll go to our favorite restaurant (a great tapas place) where both of our families will surprise her a third time.

What do you think? Can anyone think of an exiting way to let her know that the balloon is for her?