Post by shaneyboy » December 4th, 2004, 8:11 pm
Hello everyone, 
                    I haven''t got around my proposal as yet, but this time i definitely think i''ll catch her off guard. It is our little tradition to go to this restaurant where her mom works to get some refreshments and to enjoy the fire-works and shows that are put on by the staff. I would love to do it in the middle of everything. I was planning on getting my best friend and his g/f to have dinner with us (already confirmed) and he would excuse himself for a while (make up some excuse), then, i would sit around and talk to the two ladies for a little while, then, while my best friend is away, he would be hiding with my camcorder and would be recording away while the waitor serves us the ring. then i would get down on one knee and do my thing....but the only problem is, during new years eve, the place is so ridiculously crowded. I don''t know if this is going to be possible for my best friend to take a clear picture and record the whole thing... any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Let me know!

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