Post by ThompsonTOT » February 12th, 2004, 6:14 am
Hi Everyone,

Well, I have the ring, now its time for the hard work. We are leaving for Paris tomorrow for Valentine''s day where I plan to ask the BIG question. I have a few questions for everyone.

1. I am trying to make the whole weekend romantic, not just the evening when I pop the question. Does anyone have any romantic daytime places? We prefer indoor recommendations.

2. We are staying at the Hotel Royal Manceau. Does anyone know if they have massage services or a spa or steam room or anything else romantic like that?

3. We are eating dinner Saturday night at Lucas Carton. I know that is an expensive place. Does anyone know how much I should expect? (I need to know if I should bring 5 or 6 credit cards)

4. Is there a place to ice skate?

5. Is there a classic french romantic thing to do? In Manhattan, for example, a helicopter ride around the city is very romantic.

6. How about a classy, romantic show? I''ve been to Lido and Moulin Rouge, and I don''t consider those romantic.

7. Is the musee dorsay or rodin museum romantic?

8. Is the Buddha bar sultry and romantic? Or is it filled with high schoolers? Does Buddha bar let everyone in? Or is it like Los Angeles where you have to be beautiful to get in?

Thanks everyone for any input you have.