Post by Elippsis007 » January 3rd, 2017, 8:19 am
Hey everyone I need help....please
Here is the idea...

My girlfriend's father passed away sadly due to brain cancer about two years ago in Spain. I moved over when I heard the news I couldn't have her in Ireland at that time so we agreed that I would move over ASAP..
In October 2016 my grandmother passed away from old age. I came home for Xmas and my father pulled me aside and said will you take this and propose to Maria the ring is gorgeous! We got it professionally cleaned and it looks brand new. It's sentimental to me and my family and I think it would feel right to give it to her. Anyway just before I left for Spain my dad said to me Mike you can propose wherever you like but would you consider proposing at her father's when I say grave it's this huge tomb looking thing with beautiful marble etc. I think it's a great idea considering how much he loved her and she loved him and the unfortunate circumstances that he isn't around to see his girl live her life.....

Thoughts please.

Mike :)