Post by Jeep » July 14th, 2004, 5:39 am
Long time lurker here and sorry beforehand for rambling here.

OK So Back ground first.
We dated in high school. Went to homecoming and prom etc... We had a lot of fun I guess you would say we were each others "high school sweethearts” But, we were young and never really knew what to do. Went to college and lost touch.

A few years ago her very dear friend and my very dear friend (both our friends from high school) ran into one another at a happy hour. We met up that night and have been together now a little over two years.

A few weeks ago, after looking on this site and others I educated myself enough to get an e-ring. After much thought (and sleep loss) my idea was to keep it simple. So I did... I broke my proposal into things that I wanted to happen.
They were this...
1. Get the ring.
2. Figure out what I wanted to do and say.
3. Get Blessing
4. Get her to where I wanted to propose.
5. Propose

So- I started out in order. #1 was your basic friend of a friend pretty good deal (much better than B & M stores) and I am very, very happy.

I never did figure out #2 so I just thought that I would wing it...

So On to #3. I was very nervous about this thing. But, after calling her mom 4 times she answered and we were able to chat. It went great and I got her blessing and a hug. Next called her dad (out of town) I got the ole "out of the question" joke and then a blessing.

Next I wanted to get her to Old Town Alexandria. Telling her that I had a big craving for pizza didn''t work. Saying that I wanted to try this other place did. The other place turned out great, very romantic, even though I didn''t eat much.

Next.... The Proposal... I was able to get her to the park where we had our first date in spite of thunderstorms in the area. I told her that I had an article for her to read (that is why I needed a back pack) As we were sitting on the bench I pulled out a wedding planning book and say "I want to fill this out with you" At this point (she later tells me) she was thinking "don''t you have to be engaged to fill one of these out" So next I am pulling out her ring and getting on one knee As I start to cry and she is trying to realize what is happening I manage to ask her. But, she doesn''t answer...As a matter of fact I thought I was going to need to start CPR... I have to say to her “maybe you want to say something????" She answers with a choked up "yes"

The night to follow was great... Champagne, friends and family. My brother (who I live with) took the time to get roses and another bottle of champagne and light about 50 candles in my room.

Sorry for the length here hope you enjoy it.... I will try to post pics later.