Post by beadchick » November 14th, 2011, 7:25 pm
So, I've been hanging out in a purse forum lately, and a lot of people post their dream handbag collection list at the bottom of their posts.

I thought it would be fun if we shared our lists of our dream pearl collections. I, of course, am more than happy to start.

I already have short color shift metallic tin cup w/ earrings from PP, and blue baroque akoyas from PP that I got from someone on diamond bistro, in addition to a few other things. I'm in love w/ Tahitians, but, here is my dream list:

1. strand of multi-color color shift pearls from PP (if they ever have them again)
2. blue baroque akoyas (already have) with matching earrings (need to acquire)
3. strands of baroque tahitians (working on acquiring first one, HOORAY), I'd like a couple strands so I can wear together, twist, be fabulous :naughty:
4. pistaschio and aubergine colored Tahitians- separate strands
5. strand of round tahitians- peacock/medium coloring (someday)
6. strand of round tahitians-multicolor (someday)
7. large (12-13mm) white south sea and tahitian baroque pendants (white gold findings)
8. sea of cortez pearl pendant (yellow gold findings)
9. yellow South Seas graduated necklace
10. strand white South Seas with earrings
11. white akoyas and studs (do they come in baroque options? Can we talk about the overtones in my blue baroque akoyas? AMAZING)

So, that's MY dream list. I can check one thing off, LOL.

What's on yours?