Post by eloisegirl » January 14th, 2012, 10:35 am
I just ordered an enhancer from Kojima - I was in Los Cabos, Mexico over Christmas but saw very few Sea of Cortez Pearls, and those I did see were mostly mabe. I knew Kojima had some so figured I'd buy from a known quantity rather than do that whole bargaining thing in Mexico (which I find difficult to do). I wanted something to remember the trip by, and I also am DYING to own a SoC pearl.

I've ordered a pearl with sterling enhancer and while I was on the site, I noticed she had a 16" strand of coin pearls for $20, so I asked to have 2 eight-inch stretchy bracelets made. I intend to put the silvery moon SOC pearl on my silver pink metallic strand from PP, or on my 50" white freshwater rope. I am having a vintage peacock Majorica rope (25 bucks on eBay, a steal!) restrung into a double strand (21 & 23 ") and think the enhancer will look great on the longer strand. (I know Majorica aren't real pearls but they make a dandy substitute until I get the real thing!)

Dealing with Sarah was great, she sent me pics of the potential pearls and the different bales. I will post pics when I receive my treasures from the sea.

Has anyone else ordered from Kojima? Would love to see pics of your pearls, especially if they are Sea of Cortez.

I've attached the pic she sent and I chose the pearl on the right.
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