Post by Izzy03 » July 1st, 2008, 12:44 pm
More and more I am looking at the costs of weddings and wondering if it is all worth it. I know to get the kind of wedding I want, I am going to have to spend big bucks.

After much debate, I decided that a very small destination wedding would be ideal for me. In my Hispanic culture it is pretty much expected that everyone you have EVER known is to invited to your wedding and that is not what I want my day to be about! So a destination wedding would be perfect because everyone would be invited, but only the people who mattered would go all that way to be there.

Problem: While I had the idea of having about 30-50 guests, my mom decided that was absurd. She felt a 100 guest wedding was still small and realistic. Um, NO! And she also didn''t like my destination wedding approach. She feels it should be done in St Augustine, FL which is where my BF lives. She definitely wants the whole sha-bang, and has even stated on one occasion that she AND my father should walk me down the isle. I don''t think so!

I know that this is MY day and not my moms, but she is very pushy and would be funding the wedding, so telling her to back off is easier said than done. I know getting things done my way would be a hassle all the way to the end.

I always saw myself having a traditional wedding but now I think about the money for a dress I will only use ONCE! Flowers that will die, money money money!

All of a sudden, eloping is sounding so much more logical and romantic. I think I would rather pocket the money for a future than shell it out for one day.

Sorry for the long rant. Is anyone else feeling this pressure?