Post by Cailet » November 28th, 2005, 3:23 am
Seems like there were a bunch of engagements for Thanksgiving!! Well -- I wasn''t one of them but we did have a really good talk about a timeline etc. So it''s not quite as quick as I would like -- but still -- we decided by this time next year we will be engaged. That means I get to wait for 12 months. We do have BFs birthday and our anniversary in Feb and then my bday in April so it might come a lot sooner than the 12 months (which would be nice!) but it is great to just have a time frame.
We''ve got lots of stuff planned from now till the end of the year so at least that is 2 months where I will be so busy I won''t be thinking about it all the time. Plus I don''t think we would even start ring shopping till after the Christmas rush so I won''t be thinking at every night out "this might be it" and can just enjoy the holidays!!

Luckily Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful - no crazy "when are guys getting married" discussions, no sly little comments about us having been dating "forever" - so we were able to enjoy the time with family without any sour moments. Hope everyone else was able to do the same!