Post by mamie » March 21st, 2008, 6:13 pm
Ahhh! I''m on an LIW high at this very moment!

Short backstory: February 12 I made my final decision on the ring at a local jewelers. Four days later as he was saying goodbye to me (leaving early for work on a Saturday), I spotted the brochure and ring info tucked in the inside of his jacket. So I knew the ring had been purchased that day. I have not asked or even hinted about an engagement from that moment on because I am pretty certain he''s going to propose next weekend on our annual winery trip. And he''s been "sharking" since then (i.e. a shark going underwater circling before the big attack). I haven''t let on that I suspect when and where, but the suspense and impatience has been eating at me for the last five weeks!

A few minutes ago I went into our spare room where he keeps his clothes to pick up something off the floor. I went back in and looked around.

Sitting on top of his dresser in clear sight is a paper bag with a design and the word "Jewelry" on it. I looked inside, and there is a gold box with a ribbon wrapped around it! I feel guilty for opening the bag, but what''s a girl to do when it wasn''t even hidden? : ) He''s making this too easy for me!

I''m going in for my magic mani on Friday -- it''s actually my first even professional mani since I''ve been a chronic nailbiter for ages. Now I just have to plan the perfect outfit and hope the next 8 days y by. It''s happening! AHHH!

Good luck to all the ladies expecting Easter weekend engagements! Image