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Sorry to post this so late, but my now fiance proposed on Wednesday night!!!

Here's the proposal story...

Wednesday was our 6th anniversary and we always go out to eat at the same restaurant, Reed's Jazz and Supper club. Well, my then BF, told me on last Sunday that the restaurant had closed down! (I looked it up, it was true.) So, considering my FI is not a planner, I was sure he was going to find someplace for us to go, but it would be spur of the moment.

So Wednesday comes and he surprises me by taking me to Uchi -- an amazing sushi restaurant in Austin that has one of the world's best sushi chefs (he was on Iron Chef!!). I had never been, but was really excited. We're by no means sushi buffs, but we really like what we've had.

We had an AMAZING dinner!! Probably the best meal of my life... After dinner the waitress brings out two fortune cookies (which I am obsessed with!) I open mine and it reads...

The Dream is about to come true.

I look up and my BF is leaving the booth and starting to stand up, so I figure we are leaving and I stand up with him... He then gently sits me down and kneels in front of me. That's when it hit me... OMG! He's proposing!!!!

He starts to say something, but to be honest -- I had complete tunnel vision! Everything slowed down and I couldn't hear anything... I saw out of the corner of my eye a waitress walk up with a ring box opened!! Then he paused and said, "Will you marry me?"

I must have stared at his face for a good 10 seconds and kept thinking "OMG OMG I'm supposed to say something, I'm supposed to say something" and I said "Yes...." "YES!" I forget how, but he took off my Claddagh ring and placed on my engagement ring. I sat there in the booth to everyone in the restaurant clapping and telling us 'Congratulations'. The whole wait staff was in on it and our waitress brought us out dessert and champagne.

I sat there in disbelief, grinning like an idiot -- going between laughing, crying and feeling like I was going to throw up. I had a heart beat in my feet and I couldn't pull myself together. My now FI just sat there with a soft grin on his face, holding my hand and squeezing it.

My FI is the WORST at hiding things! He's terrible at lying and I can always read him like a book. But not this time... he was SO composed through our looooong dinner. Never once did he appear nervous. Our waitress even said she thought she was more nervous than he was!!

I'm so proud of my FI, he pulled off the perfect proposal. I wouldn't have it any other way... My ring, BTW is GORGEOUS!!!!! Thanks again to Katie at WF! I've gotten SO many compliments on how big and white and shiny it is. I couldn't be happier!!

Sorry again for talking so long to share -- between work and spreading the news, it's been a hectic couple days. Thanks again to all who helped us pick out a dream ring and for listening to all my rants...

I'll post more pictures as soon as I can! It's been uncharacteristically cloudy here in Austin, but I'll post what I've taken so far!
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