Post by Phdecorate » April 20th, 2012, 11:43 am
Ok, so SO is getting ready to pick the diamond, he has agreed to the VC halo (I emailed for a quote today!) and last night he announced he thinks we should get married THIS FALL! We had been talking about getting married this year, but I was not sure that would happen but I am definitely ready. We have lived together almost four years and bought a house together a little over 2 yrs ago. We have both been married before so a big wedding is not on our wish list. He would like to go away to get married just the two of us. I would like to have my parents there, my mom would be devastated not to be there. SO understands and is open to sharing it with them. (his parents are gone) my dad is older and can't really travel far, so a true destination wedding is not a poss.

We live at the beach so that is of course a poss, but I wonder about the weather, fall is iffy. So I am trying to come up with some ideas. I don't want it to be very fancy but I want it to be special. For reference, my first wedding was at a bed and breakfast. It was an old mansion. 90 people. Vera Wang wedding dress. College chapel wedding ceremony. I don't want it to be the same type of thing per se, but I loved that type of setting. I definitely don't want the court house, it is not special like the San Fran one that Audball is considering! =)

Then I am trying to figure out, a wedding with 4 people turns into.....a dinner for four people?? I am not really sure that I want a bunch of other people to come to a dinner/party, but I am trying to visualize the flow for the outside followed by lunch or dinner at a restaurant in wedding attire? Catered at home by a local chef? Rent a super small venue and just enjoy it for four people? arrange to have it earlier in the day and leave for the honeymoon that night? Go to a B&B that my dad can travel to and have it there?

SO is pretty open I think. Right now I am day dreaming and need some suggestions, thought starter questions, opinions, etc.....whatever!! Just trying to come up with some possibilities!

What do you LIWs think?