Post by emilina22 » September 16th, 2007, 4:11 am
so tonight we went out for dinner and saw a outa the blue jokingly i was you wanna stop by and look around...and he actually pulled into the lot!

so were thinking only a quick look...and well that quick looked turned into an hour and half!

to get to my point we found my setting!!!!

im so exited!!!

its an A.Jaffe platinum and diamond solitare! from the signiture collection!

style: MES017

and we decided not to accept his families heirloon 3ct asscher becasue we are actually resetting it for his mother..becauase his parents are celebrating 50 years this coming year and we thought to reset her original stone in a remake of her original setting....

but we also found and amazing 2ct VS1 H color asscher it was amazing! so we are currently looking for our stone to be put in that setting!!!

talk about progress!

what a good night!