Post by luckynumber » March 27th, 2010, 7:07 am
Ok LIWs,

Is it just my precious darling, or are you too beginning to think he is enjoying holding the whiphand over the proposal just a little too much?

I wear the pants in our relationship 90% of the time and he is totally loving the fact that he knows everything about the proposal and i am completely clueless.

Methinks that he is loving it a tad too much frankly. All this smirking in corners and hushed conversations with his family...

Is your man milking this time for all it''s worth too?


Aaaaand breeeaaatthe.....

ps. i love him i do, but he is SOOOO gonna pay for this after the deed is done Image

*plots revenge*
******Enfianced 27-5-10******