Post by ILoveSpinel » June 26th, 2012, 10:36 am
I've been thinking/pondering alot about proposing to my boyfriend. He told me that I'd never do it as I'm too traditional and will want some over the top romantic thing to happen... so I've been thinking, it could still be over the top and romantic, just instead of him doing it, I can. Anyways I think I know when I want to do it, on his birthday, which is August 24. We started dating on the 27th of August just after his birthday and for some reason he won't let me forget the fact that I didn't do anything with him on his birthday last year...

So I have 2 months to start planning the perfect proposal... I think it will be great especially great because he won't be expecting it. So really the only idea I want my proposal to include is cupcakes (an inside joke/story). I'm ready :)