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Hi ladies. I was on the list quite a while back, but I ended things with my ex, who, at twenty-eight years old, had no intentions on growing up and leading the life of an adult.

So, here I am. I have been with my new guy for over a year now. We have been living together in our own place for eight months. He asked me to give him ideas of what I'd like in a ring. I really had no idea myself, so I went to some B&M stores at the mall (I know, I know.... but just to get ideas, and my ring size. I'll strangle him if he buys from one of them. lol)
At first I was hell bent on a white-gold, princess cut solitaire. Now..... I've been leaning towards a three-stone plus, white-gold solitaire (princess cut, of course).

This is the one I tried on at a store in the mall. I fell in love- this is pretty much what I want (so hopefully the bf can replicate it somewhere). It's 1 1/2 carats... which I think looks decent (I don't think I'd wanna go bigger?!? I have skinny fingers!)

Anywho- so, I'm back. Trying to be patient. I know it won't be anytime soon, but he has said that he will marry me in the future. Right now, we are getting finances in order, not to mention he bought me a pre-owned car that he's making payments on. So, I most certainly cannot except a ring until the car is paid off. And I'm fine with that. It's just hard being patient. :twirl:
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