Post by rizz » March 22nd, 2008, 9:32 am
thought you guys might like this little story....

Thursday night was the first "booze cruise" of the summer (we live in Bermuda)and bf and I (as well as everyone else) drank a little too much. When we got off the boat I called my parents (in Canada) I only talked to them for a few minutes before BF took the phone and he had a big talk with my parents. My mum is big into diamonds, so she is always teasing him about the ring and if he needs any help to pick one out...sooo he tells her he has the ring and its hiding IN OUR HOUSE somewhere!!!! I was not there when he said this so I didnt know at the time. When I called my mum the next morning she told me what he had said, which of course made me very excited. I was at the beach at the time and he was at home so I couldn''t ask him then and I had to ask him in person so I could see his face. Later on in the day him and his friends met up with us girls at the beach, so I still wasn''t able to ask him! I''m sure you could imagine I was going insane! lol Eventually when we got back home I asked him.....he burst out laughing saying he didn''t remember saying that and pretty much thought he was so hilarious!!! I believe that he doesn''t have it since I have been preaching to him about buying online through PS vendors...and I dont think an engagement is coming this year....but still!!! Pretty much LIW''itis was very severe yesterday!!!!

how cruel is that! Image