Post by Sugarcicle » December 27th, 2009, 9:55 am
The boy and I have been dating less than a year, so this was our first Christmas together.  All in all, I have mixed feelings about how it went.  I''m hoping for a little reassurance from you ladies that, perhaps, it just takes a little time and adjustment.  I know that every family has it''s own traditions and ways of celebrating, but somehow I still feel guilty for preferring Christmas with my own family rather than his. 

His mother''s birthday is Christmas Eve, so they always get together that night and celebrate with a traditional meal and a birthday cake.  Instead of celebrating Christmas at the same time though(exchange gifts, etc.) they get together on Christmas Day, and do gifts in the morning and cook gumbo and boiled seafood in the afternoon.  

When I was growing up, we always split time between my mom and dad''s families for Christmas- we did something with my dad''s family on Christmas Eve, slept at our own house and did presents, etc. Christmas morning, and then spent that afternoon with my mom''s family.  Well, I went with him to his parent''s house for Christmas Eve, but they seemed shocked that I wasn''t going to be coming back the next morning for Christmas.  I feel like it never occurred to them that I would need (and WANT) to spend time with my own family for Christmas.   

So, how do you guys make it work?  How do you split time between your families for the holidays?  I''m nervous that his family will forever claim Christmas Eve simply because it''s his mother''s birthday.