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I love kids, but I wouldn''t want to be married to one. However, some wives don''t mind going beyond their marital duties to take on a motherly role with their husbands.

According to a recent CNN article, believing that the ultimate woman is a nurturer, there are women who even cut up their partner''s meat.

To see what else they do, read more.

And, it doesn''t take a walk down the aisle for ladies to go to these domestic extremes, an engaged 26-year-old publicist stops at nothing to care for her man — even washing her fiance''s back while he showers.

The piece said:

She picks out his clothes before they go out, styles his hair, makes his lunches (complete with "I love you" notes inside) and takes it upon herself to apply the toothpaste before handing him his toothbrush each night.

Children are a big enough responsibility, who has time to raise a husband?

What''s your take on this issue?


Overall, I would say I do more cooking, but we work out the rest. I do, however, call him every night to remind him to set his alarm clock (he''s like a narcoleptic), and call him at 5:30am on days where he was up late. (maybe one every two weeks or so, I usually have a 6th sense for when he is going to oversleep.) He doesn''t expect me to do either, but I do. Don''t know if that qualifies as babying him.