Post by sumbride » May 19th, 2006, 4:45 pm
We just had our standing Friday night date at the local bistro and got into the subject like we usually do... but this time I got a timeline out of him!!!! WOO HOO!!! He says "Within the next 6 months"!!! I''m so excited!!! I had a hunch but it''s really nice to be validated on that, and to know that he''s thinking the same thing.

I tried to explain to him why I was so stressed about not knowing.... he didn''t really understand why I was so stressed since he said the only thing that would change is having the ring, since we already live together and are heading toward marriage... he doesn''t really get that part. So I said "I''m just stressed... I have a support group!" (LIW of course!) he was surprised that I needed this, but I said "you know when... I don''t!" So he asked what kind of time frame I wanted and I said Is it this year? Next year? and he said I just want it to be a suprise! i said what about a window? he said how long a window do you want? I said Six months? He said, ok, it''s within 6 months!

WOO HOO!!! I''m so glad we finally had that conversation!