Post by GoingCrazy29 » October 30th, 2008, 3:11 am
First some background. My FF and I began our ring search this summer, and I found a stone and a setting that I really liked. We had decided earlier that I wasn''t going to actually pick my exact ring, I was just going to let him know things I like about settings (tiny halo, micropave, no bezel) and stone (cushion cut, no lower than H, eye clean, etc) and then he would either customize a ring to be made or find one that matches the criteria so I have at least a little surprise. He is also super secretive about when the proposal will be because he wants me to be shocked (and so do I!). At this one store that we found the stone and setting I really liked I spoke with the sales girl quite a bit and she was great. I even brought my mom back to a few stores to see what kind of things we were looking at and introduced her to the sales girl even nothing had been set in stone (no pun intended)that we would even purchase from them. After our designated ring shopping days I was not allowed to go back to jewelry stores or know anything else about what FF had up his sleeve.

Fast forward to now. I know he has been saving and I''ve been dreaming about what ring I''ll get because I''m really not sure what he plans (customize it, where he is getting the stone, setting, etc). However, I just got an email from the Sales girl from the store I liked yesterday asking me about how I want the ring set (airstrip or no, etc) and told me "mums the word to FF". Well, now I''m really excited because I think I know which setting and stone he is getting me and I know it will be done how I want it. However I am SUPER bummed that she contacted me and told me that basically he has come to them, it totally takes away a big part of the surprise I was so excited about. Plus, now I have to keep a secret from my FF and I hate doing that but I don''t want him to know I know anything because he is SO excited about the surprise.

Anyway it boils down to, I''m excited to know that he is actually talking to them and that it looks like things are starting to roll but I''m super bummed that she contacted me! She said that "because we spoke earlier she figured it was ok" and knew I was specific about how I want things (which I appreciate that she wants to make sure I have it how I want it).

How would you feel about this? Am I silly to be bummed when I know he is getting me a stone and setting I love and it might be sooner than I thought?!

ETA: Wow, sorry so long!
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