Post by stacy4232 » May 26th, 2006, 12:23 pm
Well, I got engaged a week ago today.  My FI and I had dated for 2.5 years and for the last six months have been working with Pete at Quest to design the engagement ring.  (here is the thread for the ring (warning - not too many good pics yet)

I had a reunion with my college roommates on Saturday, and I think he knew that I really wanted to be officially engaged before I saw them (we all live in different cities and only see each other once or twice per year).  He got the ring from Quest on Thursday evening.  He had told me it wouldn''t be ready until next week so I wasn''t expecting anything at all.

Friday morning we woke up and said he wanted for us to go on a run.  We usually run together in the mornings, but I was really tired that morning and was being lazy and said I wasn''t in the mood - that I''d go at lunch.  He kept hugging on me and trying to wake me up.  Finally, I submitted and got up and started lacing up my shoes.  I said, "OK, I guess you really want a running partner today so I''ll be a good teammate and join you."  We had a nice morning run through the brisk air.

After the run, as usual, we sat together on the front porch and chatted while we cooled down.  He got up to face me and I put out my hands for him to help me up.  I thought he was getting up to go inside but, before I knew it, he grabbed my hands and got down on one knee.  He said something like "You''re right - I do need a running partner, but more than that, I want a partner for life - will you marry me."  He started fumbling around in the pocket of his shorts and pulled out the BEAUTIFUL ring.  Since then, we call that particular running loop we did that morning "the engagement loop."  It makes running together and sitting on the front porch even more special because I''m always reminded of the proposal!

Wedding is December 2 in Luckenbach, TX!!!!!!

The next day I got to celebrate with my two best friends and then when I returned, FI and I went to a special dinner and then for drinks with our friends to celebrate.  We''re going to Houston to celebrate with my family this weekend.