Post by DJ2010 » May 24th, 2011, 4:16 pm
My boyfriend and I have been together over a year now and I know im proberbly being impatient but I really want us to get engaged and so does his family and mine.

We both wear a ring on the wedding finger we got each other at different times as a symbol that one day those fingers will have a wedding ring and mine will have an engagement ring on but these rings arent engagement rings.

I dont want to keep bringing this topic up with my boyfriend because i did that with the fact i want children too and it just seems to push him away further.

We are very much in love still, we will be moving in together soon too and he has said he wants kids and marriage but not yet.
I dont mind waiting a couple years to get married but id at least like to be engaged for those couple years and he knows that and has hinted a few timrs he would do it around his birthday in Novemeber or Xmas but he also hinted this last year and didnt do it.

So my question is,
Should i propose to him? or should i wait until after xmas incase he does ask me first?

I have jokingly said before to him if i proposed to him would he say yes but he said he would simply say no because the guy should do that, i hate sexist men and he is anything but sexist but hes traditional with that i guess.

Any suggestions please let me know.

Thanks :)