Post by ringthings » May 9th, 2012, 9:29 am
I've done traditional charm bracelets, and am ready to try something new.

What's an annual jewelry tradition that I can add to each year?

I've thought about Pandora, but I would never remember the meaning of glass beads... and they're kind of heavy (and a little pricier than I prefer).

I found an "add a pearl" necklace online, but those 14" and 16" chains are way too short for my huge neck. (Ha!) And, you apparently have to send them in every time you want to add a pearl so you can restring them.

I don't want to just buy a ring, necklace, or something new every year...

Surely there's some reasonably affordable "annual jewelry tradition" I can start at home, no professionals needed to string a necklace, other than traditional charm bracelets. I want the tradition to hopefully be something I can continue for a decade or more.

Are stackable rings about the only tradition?

Are there such things as diamond or gemstone "string one per year" necklaces?

Any ideas?