Post by anne_h » November 12th, 2007, 1:39 pm
Okay, so I''m pretty much mentally committed to buying a small-size stainless steel ladies Tank Francaise.

I can get a great price from However, there are no buyer reviews of that model (or any Cartier model that I checked). So I''m not sure what that means.


- Why do so many websites sell Cartier? None of them are authorized retailers (Cartier''s own website says it does not guarantee *any* watches bought on the internet). I assume some of the online watches must be fake, but some of them must be authentic also! Where are these coming from? I assume Cartier themselves?
- Normally, I would totally trust merchandise from amazon. Any reason I shouldn''t?
- Cartier''s website says their Guarantee only covers watches from Cartier boutiques or authorized retailers. So does a watch from a non-authorized retailer affect the watch''s value (resale or otherwise)?
- I went into Birks (in Montreal, Canada) today and looked at the same watch. They said they or Cartier would absolutely never service a watch for a non-authorized retailer (even if I paid out of pocket for the repairs). They said nobody else would either (which I doubt... I have a watch expert here who does my antique watches and my husband''s Tissot). Any comments?
- Anything else I should think of?

BTW, I saw mentioned on PS as a possible place for luxury watches. They did have a good price (very similar to Amazon''s); however, when I checked the site''s shopper feedback on Yahoo, it was really bad!! The default feedback filter is set to "positive comments", but if you set to "negative comments" (or even just "recent comments"), there are many reports of cancelled orders, out of stock items, bad service, etc. So beware!!