Post by ringthings » January 17th, 2010, 7:07 am

Can you show us your traditional charm bracelets?

I love charm bracelets, and the stories behind them. Would love to see yours.

I''ll post pics if my camera battery decides to charge again! But, here''s the story on mine:
First charm bracelet I got later on in elementary school. It had a few charms on it-- an initial, a frog, a state charm,.. I can''t remember what else. I added an eagle and turquise birdcage from my mom''s jewelry case that she found. I''d get charms on occasional holidays over the years, such as one to represent the family pet, one for honor society, one for high school graduation. By middle school, I got a second (cheaper) charm bracelet that had a few holiday charms, a few special interests, etc. I put a handful of charms from different tourist sites we visited. I forgot about the bracelets and didn''t add enough to them. By early college, I figured we''d lost the original bracelets (we hadn''t, but I didn''t know that), so I went out and got a cheap silver bracelet and put a variety of stuff I would have liked to have had on the first one-- charms for places I''d been, initials, hobbies, sweet 16, high school graduation, etc. Wouldn''t you know it-- I soon found the "real" 2 charm bracelets from my childhood. Last year, I decided to get a cheap enamel Brighton bracelet, thinking I wanted to start over with a new (and cheaper) bracelet that had sliding charms (still hanging, but they slide on the bracelet), instead of the split ring charms. I have maybe 5 charms on there-- haven''t added much to it. I can''t find any more charms I like for that one from Brighton. I hope they come out with more. I rarely wear it since it''s jingly and the charms are bulky.

I am considering either getting a "Pandora" bracelet that doesn''t jingle (that style, but cheaper) and making that my young adulthood bracelet. But, I just don''t understand the ''bead thing.'' I can''t remember where I got half of my traditional charms,.. I can''t imagine remembering where/when/why I got a $20 enamel charm bead (from the store I''m looking at, not real Pandora).

If I don''t do the Pandora bracelet, I might get a nice traditional charm bracelet and put some of the charms I''ve gotten in the past year or two on it.

For some reason, I just don''t want to add to my childhood bracelets. There''s so many years of a gap in there, and I haven''t added to it since.. probably high school.

Anyway, please show us your traditional charm bracelets if you will.... :)