Post by wolftress » January 22nd, 2007, 7:24 pm
I''ve been getting conflicting answers from many different jewellers when I ask this question. I have small fingers (2.75), and a lot of jewellers in Australia will flatly refuse to resize more than 3 sizes up or down, and insist the rings have to be custom made from scratch.
Yet when I buy jewellery from vendors in America, they can take size 6 rings down to my size with ease. I know certain settings like channel and tension settings can''t be resized too much or the ring loses its integrity, but what is the extent that other rings can be resized? The ring I am considering is a half-eternity shared-prong band which is currently a size 6. This ring is to be my wedding ring, so I would really like it to stand the test of time!
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