Post by akanesama » May 27th, 2009, 9:30 am
Hi, all. I really don''t know where to post this kind of question. I apologize if it''s in the wrong section.

Aside from the weight, is there a way to authenticate whether your ring is true platinum or not? My ring is heavy but it also has diamonds in it. It''s a half eternity band.

The piece in question is my wedding band. I purchased it in platinum. I have a few scratches on it already but there''s one marking on the outside of the band that almost looks "peeled". It''s really small and I don''t have a way to magnify it to be sure. Maybe I''m just freaking out. It just looks very white right in that spot and it''s that platinum color all around it, which is why it looks like a little chip or peel.

The inside of the band is stamped platinum. There''s no number next to it and the platinum stamping is kinda worn away. I was married in December 2008.

I thought platinum didn''t peel or chip. Is there a way for me to check it out? Would a jeweler that didn''t make the ring tell me the truth?

Thanks, all!
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