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Happy new week all!

Everyone is doing so well and is really motivated - WOOT to you all!!!

I was thinking back to when I began my journey 3.5 years ago....I think maybe for many of us, there is a defining moment when finally we have had enough of not feeling good because of some excess poundage and from that - not feeling that we look good.

My defining moment was in June 2005.  I was off out to dinner with my Husband and was throwing clothes on and ripping them off - nothing felt or looked good.  My hair and makeup were all done as usual but I just felt so uncomfortable.  Nothing fitted the way I wanted it to, so I settled on a skirt and shirt which looked halfway decent - but I didn't feel it....

It may sound strange, but through the despair ( and I was really feeling it believe me) a positive thought came to me.  I vowed like Scarlett O Hara that I would never be hungry again - but I was going to lose this weight once and for all - but instead of using another lose ten pounds by tomorrow diet which I was so accustomed to, I was going to make a lifestyle change and lose the weight


Something finally clicked for me.  I was going to use those failed dieting attempts in a positive manner and from them know what not to do, and find a healthier way of life I could stick to - allowing for a few treats along the way - this was essential if I was going to succeed.  I had suffered through food droughts for so long, that I knew if I thought I couldn't have something I would rebel - but knowing that I could made it much easier.  To this day I am very selective on how I use my treat calories, if I am going to have a ' feed' then I make sure it is something I really want!

I also hid the scales as I know how destructive they could be - I am not saying that is the case for everyone, but for me I would be devastated with the slightest increase and blow it all out of proportion, so I find it is best they stay gathering dust in the cupboard.  I use my tightest jeans as my gauge as to how I am doing.

So here I am reasonably at peace with myself.  I will never have the body I want, but I do focus on the positives.  I don't have much of a waist and I have a very short body,  but with that body type I do have long slim legs which often goes with that shape, so there is always a silver lining!  I make the best of what I have and I am in a good place now.

So for those who these thoughts strike a chord with, what were your defining moments when you had finally had enough and decided a big change was in order?
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