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Happy new week all!

I wanted to discuss being prepared this week.  Being prepared is a great motto to adopt throughout this healthier lifestyle journey as this plays an essential part in our success.  Not having a plan can be a hugely detrimental, ' winging it' rarely works when trying to reduce body fat and get healthier.

Being prepared for me means;

Having access to healthy foods and the means to make healthy meals.  It also means having quick and easy options so I can avoid hunger.  A program or method of keeping track of calories is a huge benefit as is a plan of how to spend those calories in order to receive maximum nutritional benefit, and to include some higher calorie foods to avoid feelings of deprivation.

Menu planning is very helpful.

Cooking in bulk and freezing individual portions can be a great way to save time through busy periods.

Planning menus that a partner or spouse can also enjoy is also very helpful in order to reduce time cooking separate meals.

What do you do to be prepared?  Please share your tips!

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