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Whether you want to start working out, lose weight, quit smoking, or just want to take the first steps towards a heathier life, this is your place to swap tips, ideas and and generally find support towards reaching your healthy life goals!

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Post by FL Steph » November 21st, 2008, 12:16 pm
Hi, guys. Haven''t been over here in a while. Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that baby number 2 is on the way! I am going to try to eat a lot more carefully this time around and still get in my walks almost every day in order to stay in good shape. I''m sure I will be back in full force to this thread once the baby is here and I need to lose the baby weight. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Post by Dee*Jay » November 21st, 2008, 12:26 pm
Happy Friday kids!

Did a hard(er) hour on the dreadmill this morning, then two sets of arms. 

Have tired a couple of times to take my own pic but no dice.  Will have to ask the HH to do it.  Sorry!  The reaction to the new 'do has been universally positive though.

Off to dinner with some clients.  Oh--and after I had my stitches out today I decided I "deserved" some friend chicken fingers for lunch.  Image  No wonder the scale is giving me some sass these past few days!

Post by Zoe » November 21st, 2008, 3:51 pm
How sad is it that it's only 9:30 and I'm read for bed?  On a Friday night.  My husband jokes that I'd fit right in with people in a retirement community at my ripe old age...of 35.  Image  I can barely keep my eyes open, and the 2.5 glasses of wine I had earlier certainly aren't keeping me awake, but boy were they good!  Image

I hope everyone had a great day.  I began rearranging my classroom today, so I sort of got a slight work out in, since I was lifting heavy stacks of books, computers, etc.  I didn't make it to the gym but I'm definitely going tomorrow.   

Steph -- congratulations on baby #2!!!  How exciting!!  How are you feeling?  What does A. think about being a big brother?

Tacori -- Image  Now that my husbnad is out of work, I've been a little more open to the idea of relocating so we can check out a different part of the country (we're in northern New England).  NC is high on my list of places I'd love to see, and my husband might consider it.  I've been reading the threads here (I actually started one last year I think), and looking online at different areas.  I'm not sure where I'd love to be ultimately, but I know I love being close to water (we're about an hour from the seacoast in my state now, and we'd love to be closer).  So we'll see what happens.  It's such a scary thing to me to begin again in a new state, but I'm *sort of* considering it, for my husband mostly.  He can't imagine staying here the rest of our lives.  Don't get me wrong -- we love it here, but I'm more attached than he is. 

Skippy -- fondue...yum!!!  You can't get much better than eating bread and veggies from a big ol' pot of cheese!  

Rod -- I'm so sorry to hear about your clients' troubles.  I can only imagine what he and his wife are going through.  Dust going out to them...

Dee Jay -- I read about the party you want to have for your clients.  It sounds like fun.  That's a whole lotta people to have at your house! 

What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving?  We're going to a friends' house.  My parents (who we'd usually visit, since they only live about 20 minutes away) are going to visit my sister's inlaws in NYC with my sister and her husband, who are flying in from across the country.  I'll get to see them before they head to the city, which will be good.  I don't get to see them that often, and the last time I saw them was at our wedding in July.  I'm so excited to have a nice long break from school.

I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I really do need to go to bed.  Have a good rest of the night and a good Saturday. 

Post by Tacori E-ring » November 21st, 2008, 3:56 pm
Skippy, yum fondue! T and I BOTH love cheese. Image

Steph, congrats! ImageImageImage That didn''t take long! I am going to try to gain less the second time around too. Nothing crazy (I''ll always indulge) but 55 lbs on a 5''1" frame is just CRAZY!

Dee*Jay, can''t wait for a photo! I bet you look adorable.

Zoe, we LOVE NC. The coast is beautiful. I am pretty sure the triangle area is relatively close to the ocean. We are about 3-3.5 hours away (to the ocean OR mountains). It is beautiful here. Great weather. Low cost of living. I''m a fan Image Sorry about your DH''s job.
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Post by somethingshiny » November 21st, 2008, 4:58 pm
steph~ congratulations!!!

We got our plumbing half fixed today. We are trying to get by with just replacing a section of our sewer line, about 6 feet. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is under the road which we are responsible for tearing out and replacing. (!!) So, we''re trying to hold off for a few months and try to hold the seller responsible. Everyone seems to agree that she failed to disclose info, but we haven''t yet found a "witness". But, at least we can bathe and do laundry!! Also, we set a shed''s foundation today. I was all happy because (my butt soreness is gone) and I felt fine. But, DH called me from work to tell me how sore his legs are.

I made a pork loin with roasted potatoes for supper. It was really good!

Well, I''m off to read and sleep.

Have a great tomorrow.
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Post by Rod » November 21st, 2008, 5:34 pm was a good day today.  It looks like the young man I wrote about last night will get a formal offer on Monday.  I met Charlie right after work for sushi and we had a very nice dinner.  Afterwards, we picked up coffee from Sbucks and came home to have coffee with Sakai glued to our shoulders.  It got cold tonight again and they''re calling for it be in the 30s when we wake up tomorrow morning.  That''s still very cold for late November.  It will warm up a bit by Sunday.  Charlie has to work tomorrow till mid afternoon, so I may go for a run in the morning, then do the gym in the afternoon.  I don''t think I''ve ever combined an outdoor run with a gym workout in the same day.  I may not be capable of walking tomorrow night, but thought I''d give it a try. 

Skippy, I hope everything goes well with your dad.  My mom''s had several melanoma''s removed and all''s been fine, so I''m praying your dad''s fine too.  I hope you had fun at your neighbor''s fondue dinner tonight.  And you go Skippy.  25 pounds down is a lot of weight, so keep up the great work!!

SS, maybe your snacking is because it''s cold outside.  I find I''m more snack inclined when it''s chilly.  Sorry your butt''s sore.....

Yummmmm, Hot Chocolate sounds so good Marcy.  I can''t remember the last time I had hot chocolate.  I may have to scratch that itch sometime during the holidays!!  LOL

Hey DeeJay, I''m also looking forward to seeing the new doo.  Wowsa girl.......200 people?  That''s one big heap of people to have in your home. 

I hope you have a great time with your nephew Kimberly.  If we don''t see you again before the holiday, I hope you and your family have a terrific turkey day!

I''m glad you liked the new trainer at TBT apple!

Hey Tacori!!

Yay for a great workout last night dragon!

OK I''m just completely jealous of you getting a week in Hawaii!!  I hope you have a wonderful time for sure!

WOW Steph!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  I''m truly happy for you and Adam.  I''ll be Andrew will be so happy to have a little brother or sister.  You take care and please check in often as you are part of our healthy HLT family!!

Zoe, we lived in Raleigh for 5 months almost two years ago now.  It wasn''t for me, but it is a really nice part of the Carolina''s.  It''s about 2 - 3 hours from the closest beach and is about about an equal amount of time from the mountains.  It''s really smack dab in the middle of the state.  I''m just a sun and palm tree kind of guy and just couldn''t imagine permanently relocating there.  It would way more temperate for you than upper New England, that''s for sure. 

I guess that''ll do it for me for today.  I''ll check in tomorrow sometime.  Sleep well everyone!

Post by FL Steph » November 22nd, 2008, 2:30 am
Thanks for all the kind messages! I will for sure be back to check in now and then because I really am trying to make this pregnancy as healthy as possible and trying not to gain as much this time! Everyone have a fab. Thanksgiving!

Post by KimberlyH » November 22nd, 2008, 5:06 am
Just wanted to pop in before getting ready to leave to say: Congratulations, Stephanie and Adam!  How exciting for your family.

Post by Zoe » November 22nd, 2008, 7:02 am
Happy Saturday!

I went to the gym this morning and walked around the track.  I guess 23 times around is considered 1 mile, and I think I did about half that.  I even jogged almost one whole length (lap?)!  I''m not in good enough shape to run yet, but I wanted to see how it went.  My lungs felt like they were on fire, so I didn''t last long, but I''m glad I did it.  I was so self-conscious and I was really glad there wasn''t anyone else on the track.  I''ll go again tomorrow and see how it feels.

Other that the gym, I''m not sure what we''re going to do today.  I''m doing laundry and we might go see Quantum of Solace.  My husband said that if I go see that with him, then we won''t have to watch the rest of the James Bond movies he has lined up in his que at Netflix.  I don''t like them and I think he''s disappointed in them as well.   I can sit through 2 hours of one movie in order to avoid several hours of others.

Have a good day!

Post by bee* » November 22nd, 2008, 7:41 am
Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts this week again. I got to the gym twice in the past week. I went to get measured for my wedding dress yesterday and I tried on the sample again and it fit so much better than two weeks ago so the workouts must be doing something. Have another assignment for Monday so better get back to it.
Congratulations Steph!!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Post by Dee*Jay » November 22nd, 2008, 12:26 pm
Happy Saturday kids! 

Had a major hang over this morning... coulda stopped with the wine... shoulda stopped with the beer... didn''t really need the chocolate martini... the tequila was a definite mistake!!! Image

Made myself got to the gym though (albeit three hours later than usual!) and did a gentle hour on the dreadmill.

Foodwise all I''ve had so far today is a banana, zone bar, and A LOT of tarrot chips.  (What can I say; they sounded good at the time, LOL.)  The HH is up there making some sort of chicken thing though so I''m looking forward to that in a little while.


Post by Skippy » November 22nd, 2008, 4:18 pm
Evening Friends.   Well last night we brought over a nice bottle of wine to our neighbors dinner and of course I was expecting fondue so I had a light lunch and a nice vegetable soup before hand.  Well the table was set beautifully (they set out the fine china and crystal).  Also, they had a salad with lots of cheese and walnuts and had lots dressing.  There was nothing too healthy on the table, there was cheese ravioli, mushrooms, bread (for dipping in the cheese), filet mignon, prosciutto and salami on crackers, after that I thought we were done.  Nope, there was 2 types of chocolate fondue, dark and milk, brownies, pineapple, strawberries, cookies, and bananas for dipping.  Lots of wine tooImage  It was just hubby and I as guest so I couldn't not eat much because they kept saying eat eat and it looked like they went to lots of effort.  Image  They were so sweet too!!!Image
Finally, I said to myself the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, so I ate.  Hopefully and thankfully that doesn't happen too often, phew!!! 
I ate super light today!  I had a soup and fruit and lots of carrots and celery sticks. 
Hope everyone has a FAB weekend!  Oh on a good note my sister got inspired by Weight Watchers and we are having a healthy Thanksgiving, Yay!!! 

Steph, CONGRATSImage  Wonderful news!!!!!  Hugs!

DeeJay, you will lose it knowing you!  bummer to the hangover.

Zoe, I can't stay up past 10:30 now that it is dark but I don't get up early so if I did I would go to bed early too!  LOL I wish it were more veggies for the fondue but it was a very beautiful setting.  Zoe, yay for your workout!

Tacori, hehe I would have been happy to have shared the fonude!  

SS, yay for the plumbing almost being fixed; I have had you in my prayers!

Rod, thank you for the kudos and I hope you slept in this morning.  Thank you for reassuring me about my dear dad.  I appreciate it!  Yum to sushi! hehe

Kimi, have a wonderful time w/family!!

Bee, we miss you but I am glad you checked in!  Yay for your wedding dress and your workouts!  Yay for getting skinny!

"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by Rod » November 22nd, 2008, 4:55 pm
Hey there..........It was a decent Saturday.  Charlie had to get up early to go to work.  He was supposed to get off at 2, and then we were going to the gym together, but he wound being asked to work till 6, so I was on my own for the day.  I slept till 10 this morning, which is such a luxury.  It was a bit too chilly to have coffee outside this morning, so I sat with Sakai glued to my shoulder and had my breakfast inside.  I had lunch at Panera, followed by coffee under the oak.  Byt the afternoon, it was nice enough to sit outside.  I made it to the gym about 3 and left around 6 then met Charlie at our favorite little diner for dinner.  He had a  new kind of fish called Sai or Swai?  He thought it was good.  I tasted it and it was kind of talapia like, but I prefer fish that is a bit firmer in texture.  I had the Memphis Southern Fried chicken sandwich, which is such a treat to me.  We both had a cup of corn crab chowder, which was just terrific.  We had froyo for dessert, followed by a cup of decaf.  Then for added excitement, we went grocery shopping and bought many of the items we need for Thanksgiving day.  Charlie''s working all day tomorrow.  I was thinking of going for a run this morning, but it was chilly, so I didn''t.  I think I''ll go for a run tomorrow and then the gym in the afternoon.

Good for you  doing 1/2 mile and even jogging one length Zoe!!  I''ll bet you can do more tomorrow and if you keep it up, you''ll find that you will increase the distance each time!

I''m glad your workouts really helped to make your wedding dress fit so much better bee*!!

Sorry about the hangover Dee, but thanks for the amusing way you wrote about it!!

Hope everyone had a good Saturday.  See you tomorrow........ 

Post by Rod » November 22nd, 2008, 5:02 pm
Skippy, we must have posted about the same time.  Sounds like your neighbors really went out of their way to make a spcial meal and you had to eat what they made.  I''m sure one meal didn''t do any harm.  Good for you and your family having a healthier Thanksgiving!

Post by marcy » November 22nd, 2008, 7:47 pm

Hi everyone. Image  Last night we had our astronomy meeting.  This morning Marty got up at 6 and I asked him why he is getting up – he said it’s only 2 minutes early.  I’m like “huh?”  So he starts to take a shower and I go tell him it is Saturday not Friday but by then we were awake for the day.  Rats. Image
Today I ran errands from 9 am to 3:45 then we took off to meet my sister and BIL for supper about 50 miles south of here.  Tonight a teenager in the club came over so Marty could help him get his new telescope working properly. 
Kimi, I am sure you’ll have a blast with your nephew.  I am looking forward to seeing mine 3 nephews on Thanksgiving.
Skippy, congratulations for losing 25 pounds.  Image I am SOOOOO proud of you!  No worries about eating at your neighbor’s house – it almost sounds like the Melting Pot.
Appletini, I am glad you had a great workout with your new trainer.
Tacori, when I make homemade scalloped potatoes I get tired of stirring too.  It’s strange how much it starts to hurt your arm.  Losing 45 pounds is great no matter how you lost it – you’ll get where you want to be.  Image
Dragonfly, glad to hear you had a great workout. 
Panda, have a wonderful time in Hawaii!
Steph, congratulations on being pregnant.  Are you feeling okay?
DeeJay, it is hard to take your own photo.  I’d say you deserved some chicken fingers after getting your stitches out.  Rats for having a hangover.  I hope you feel better now.
Zoe, a couple of glasses of wine will put me out too.  We are going to a relative’s house that day.  Your plans sound nice.
Somethingshiny, I am sorry to hear only ½ of the plumbing is fixed.  That is nice you can at least bathe and do laundry.  I sure hope the seller ends up being responsible for this.
Rod, that is wonderful the man you told us about is probably going to get an offer on Monday.  Congratulations to both of you.  The hot chocolate was wonderful.  I don’t think I’ll have it often but on those bitter, cold mornings I will be tempted to have a cup.
Bee, I am glad to hear your wedding dress is fitting better. When is the big day again?
Have a great Sunday!


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Post by bee* » November 23rd, 2008, 12:21 am
Thanks Skippy, Rod and Marcy! The wedding is on the 18th of June Marcy. Cannot waitImage

Post by merrymunky » November 23rd, 2008, 1:09 am
Well some idiots make me wish I never had to leave the house for anything.

I went to see The Mighty Boosh love last night in Bournemouth with my best friend Polly. We had a great time, 5th row tickets, hilarious show...Noel Fielding looking lovely...all good.

Then on the way up to her car to go to our fave nightclub for an hour before we headed home some wise guy had to make a comment at me as I walked past him.

So it wasn't the most original put down,

"Want a bun, chunky?"

But still, it made me really angry. I just called him a Pr*ck and carried on walking, but when I first turned around to face him he was laughing and his girlfriend was laughing at him as if he was the most funny guy in the world. I felt like slapping her and knocking him to the ground. My friend had a go at them too...but it isn't the point.

I hate going out as it is, I always get comments. Ok, so I am obese but they don't need to point it out to me when I am trying to have a good night out. It really makes me miserable.


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Post by Zoe » November 23rd, 2008, 3:59 am
Thanks Rod!  We''re going to the gym today and I''m going to try and match what I did yesterday on the track.  I didn''t count the number of times I went around -- I just walked until my foot started hurting too much.  Somewhere in there I''ll have another go at jogging and see how I do.  I didn''t get far but at least I tried.  Image

So my husband dragged me to see Quantum of Solace last night and I hated it.  I need movies with *some* sort of story/plot, and this one was more about over the top violence than anything else (in my opinion).  

Off to eat breakfast and then to the gym.  Be back later. 

Post by bee* » November 23rd, 2008, 5:00 am
That''s awful merrymunky-I absolutely HATE people like that. Don''t let an a**hole like that ruin your night. His girlfriend should be so ashamed of herself. I could never date a man who would insult someone like that.

Post by marcy » November 23rd, 2008, 5:39 am

Bee, I remember the beautiful castle you are getting married at too.  June will be here before you know it.  Image
Merrymunky, I am so sorry you ran in to such a jerk.  I’ve had those share of comments myself and they are very upsetting.  Even the looks I used to get bothered me too.  Some people are just ignorant and stupid creeps.  I agree with Bee I wouldn’t date a man who treats someone else like that.  Hugs to you girl.
Zoe, I am planning on going to see that movie today.  I like action so I hope I like it. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it.

Curbs Happen.  Sparkle on . . .

Post by appletini » November 23rd, 2008, 9:29 am
I went for an hour walk today, and I used my new ipod shuffle for the first time!  Its my first ipod, I always borrow DH''s so I''m excited.  Also we went out to dinner at a fab italian place last night, and we splurged some, but I only had one glass of wine, so that help keep a few calories off my waistline.  Also my legs are quite sore from Friday''s TBT class, so I definitely need to make an effort to be more active again. 

Post by ChargerGrrl » November 23rd, 2008, 12:36 pm
Bootcamp started up again yesterday, and i think that our trainer is trying to kill us! She''s kicked things up a notch with the cardio.  We do exercises, and then run run run. We''ve got a smaller group than before, and there''s no newbies so maybe she thinks we can take it??  I''m feeling it in my butt and thighs today and it will get worse tomorrow- ouch. But it felt good to be back at it again!

I''ve kept my eating in check over the weekend, even with having friends over for a dinner party last night.  Our group LOVES to eat, but we''re all in sync on making healthy eating choices.  DH made his famous beer can chicken, which i supplemented with sides:  green beans and sweet potato casserole.  One couple made a delish mushroom crostini for an appetizer, and the other couple made this awesome molten chocolate cake that''s on the current cover of CL. We paired awesome wines with everything.  YUM! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Post by Zoe » November 23rd, 2008, 1:13 pm
Skippy, it sounds like you and your husband had a great time at your neighbor''s.  What a yummy spread they prepared!  That''s a whole lot of food for 4 people, but it sounds wonderful.  They probably have enough leftovers to last all week. 

MM - I''m sorry you had such rude comments made toward you.  People are idiots.

Marcy -- how did you like Quantum of Solace? 

Apple -- how exciting that you used your new iPod.  I think I''m the only person in the world who doesn''t have one.  Wait, my husband doesn''t either.  Okay, so there are two of us left.  Image

Charger -- your dinner party sounds like fun.  Molten lava cake is one of my all-time favorite desserts.  Image

So I didn''t make it to the gym today, but my husband and I walked around our (small) neighborhood today.  It was really cold, but it felt good to get out and enjoy the sunny weather.  I jogged around a little just to keep "practicing" and I loved it.  It was harder to breathe because of the cold, and my foot gave out after a bit, but I''m glad I did it again.  My dad told me about an indoor track near the gym my parents, my husband, and I belong to, so I''ll have to check that out.  In my head, I''m a runner.  Now I just have to convince my body of that.  Image

I just made a yummy dinner.  Have you tried any of the Kashi ready to go rices (the ones you tear open and heat in the microwave)?  I made the Moroccan curry rice tonight, and it was so good.  Spicy but not too spicy.  I made that with butternut squash, corn, and pork chops.  Yum!  

Post by Zoe » November 23rd, 2008, 1:20 pm
I forgot to ask, is there a meal that you typcially eat more at, or do you try to space your meals out evenly, calorie-wise?  I asked my nutritionist if I should make my dinners lighter than they have been, and she didn''t seem to think that it was a big deal.  She just said that a calorie is a calorie, and as long as the overall day adds up to the amount of calories she recommended, it''s fine.

I just wondered what others do. 

When my husband counts calories, he tries to make each meal the same amount and he finds room for snacks with what''s left over.  I really look forward to dinner, and dessert, so dinner tends to be a bigger meal and dessert may be a tad more decadent than what I have earlier in the day.

Post by Rod » November 23rd, 2008, 3:05 pm
Hey........It was a nice day.  Iwas on my own for most of the day as Charlie worked most of the day.  We did get to have coffee and scone on the terrace this morning before he left for work.  After he left, I decided to go for a run and I ran 4 miles again.  I enjoyed the run a lot.  It was definitely more challenging than the same run last Wendesday night as I did this run right at noon and the sun was bearing down on me.  I know I got a great workout though as I was sweating buckets.....LOL  I decided that was enough of a workout and since I had been to the gym yesterday, I just took the rest of the afternoon to relax.  I had a salad and a cup of soup at Panera for lunch, then  coffee under the oak.  I bought fresh salmon, shrimp, brocolli and silver  queen  corn for dinner.  Charlie got off at 5 and by the time he got home, dinner was all ready and it was really good, if I don''t say so myself!  For some reason, we''re feeling a little snacky, so I popped some popcorn for a special treat.  I''m not fond of microwave popcorn, so I still pop corn the old fashioned way.  There''s just nothing like real popped corn you fix yourself!!  Charlie''s family is visiting Orlando, so he''s heading over there for the next two days.  No sushi tomorrow night. 

I do need some PS dust for a very special friend.  This is for the friend we often meet for sushi on Monday night with her daughter.  She also used to work for me.  Anyway, she called me tonight to say she is pretty certain she has breast cancer.  She''s having a biopsy on Tuesday, but the oncologist said the likelihood of it not being cancer is not too good.  She''s very scared as one can imagine.

Oh Poor Marty getting up so early on a Sunday, thinking it was a workday.  I actually considered getting a hot chocolate last night, but the itch passed and I just go my usual cup of decaf.  Maybe when we have a colder night closer to Christmas, I''ll have a cup of hot chocolate!

I''m so sorry someone was so ugly to you Merrymunky.  And his girlfriend laughed too?  I hope you can put these "simpleton''s" out of your mind and just know they have the class of a pond scum.  

Sorry you didn''t make it the indoor track Zoe, but getting out for a walk is a good thing!!  And the fact you''re starting to run some is a good thing. One day, you''re going to write that you ran a few miles and had a great time!!  Sorry you didn''t like the movie.  More people I''ve spoken with didn''t care for it, but it is making lot''s of money.........And you nutritionist is right a calorie is a calorie and it really doesn''t matter what time of day you consume them. 

Woo Hoo for your own iPod  and an hour walk Apple!  I always have mine with me when I work out or run. 

Yay for a killer bootcamp session Charger!!!  So what is beer can chicken?  I''m always looking for new chicken recipes.........

At least this is short week coming up.  We''re only working till noon on Wednesday and then I have a full 4 day weekend!!!  YAYAYAYAY!!!!

Post by marcy » November 23rd, 2008, 3:35 pm

Hi.  We went to see Quantum of Solace this afternoon.  I liked it.  I finally got my Thanksgiving cards in the mail – those relatives who live far away will get them on Friday but that way Thanksgiving lasts longer. Image
Appletini, yay for an hour walking with your new IPOD.  I need to get my charged again.
ChargerGirl, sounds like you’ll be getting quite the workout at boot camp.  I love chocolate molten cake.
Zoe, we liked the movie but were talking on the way home.  He is more like Jason Bourne – the other Bond’s rarely were in fights, rarely had blood on them and those movies had some subtle humor with Bond being suave.  I do like Daniel Craig’s character because I am sure it’s more true to the traits someone with a license to kill would have – but hey it’s only a movie and we were both entertained.  I am a believer in a calorie is a calorie too.  I typically have the same number of calories for meals (BF 200, lunch 300-400, supper 300-400, snacks 100 cals, evening dessert 100-150 cals).  I probably eat about 1400 calories average a day.  On weekends we generally eat 2 meals with less snacks so I eat more calories per meal then.
Rod, I would say your 4 mile run was more than enough of a workout today.  I agree old fashioned popcorn is great.  We each had a small bag of popcorn at the movie and I took a fun size bag of M&M’s for us.  I am so sorry to hear about your friend probably having cancer.  I have a friend who is fully recovered from that – my best wishes and lots of PS good luck dust going her way.  I think cocoa would be a lovely drink to have near Christmas.  I reminded Marty when we went to bed that we could sleep in today.  Woo hoo for a short work week.  I am working only on Monday and Tuesday.
I am off to grade papers.  Image


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Post by Skippy » November 23rd, 2008, 4:27 pm
Today hubby and I went for lunch and planned a short trip to look at sofas.  We also saw my parents for a bit and caught a gorgeous sunset and were treated to wonderful weather!!!  Yay!    Well, long story short we bought bar stools and a whole new dining room set!  I am excited to have a new set and I LOVE IT!!!! heehe  I wanted to workout but it never happened because of all the stuff going on today!  Tomorrow is the gym w/my sister!  Have a wonderful weekend allImage

Rod, I will send PS dust to your dear friend; actually prayers!!!  Yay to your run!

Marcy, that is sweet you sent cards!  Happy paper grading.

Zoe, I bet they have left overs too!  I eat 5 meals a day but mini meals and my biggest is at night; about 1/2 in the evening.  Yum to Kashi meals; I love their cereals and bars. 

Charger, sounds like a wonderful dinner party!  Yum to beer chicken!  Yay for boot camp!!!

MM, Zoe, and Apple, hello!!!


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by marcy » November 23rd, 2008, 6:32 pm
Skippy, yay to getting new bar stools and a new dining room set.  The sunset sounds prettyp; I am glad you were able to enjoy it.

Have a great Monday!
Curbs Happen.  Sparkle on . . .

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