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Post by FL Steph » June 17th, 2009, 11:54 am
SKIPPY, Just popped in a saw your awesome news! CONGRATS, that is amazing! ImageImageImageImage

Post by babysteps » June 17th, 2009, 3:30 pm
Hi all, so sorry to be MIA, I have been walloped with a virus and am trying desperately to rest and recoup since we are moving back to the US in 10 days - and I need to get on that plane! Hope that everyone is having a great week (Rod, you are NOT having a great week - big hug to you - I have had water disasters, with the giant enormo blowers - it is awful and my heart goes out to you, it is so disruptive!) -- Skippy - YEA YEA SKIPPY for reaching your goal weight, that is fantastic and I am sure you look and feel amazing Image and Bee* - happy happy wedding wishes to you and your new husband, have a gorgeous day, you lovely bride! Back to bed for me and a Image to my other fellow HLTers - see you next week.

Post by Skippy » June 17th, 2009, 4:46 pm
Back from a 4.5 mile walk.Image  I also did some squats and lunges too. 

I dropped hubby off at the airport at 5:40 am this morning and then I went grocery shopping!  After that I took a nap; I don't usually take naps but I didn't sleep too well so I was so sleepy.  I hope this long walk helps me sleep.   Tonight I made myself 3 cups of spinach with chopped tomato and cucumber and a boca burger with a slice of avocado for dinner; I am going to go cut up some fresh strawberries for dessert. Image

Hope everyone has a great day and thank you for your sweet cheers!  Kudos for all the great workouts gang!!!Image

mmm to Olive Garden; I love the minestrone there and of course the bread sticks. hehe  yay for having your family over for Father's day!  It cooled off this evening.  It might rain here over the next few days; wow, you guys are cold!!! 

yay for a manicure and just 1 more day before the wedding day!  Yay for an UBER workout!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have a great wedding, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image

 yay for the super body workout!!!!!  Sounds like you are doing great!

Yay for your mom signing up for a raceImage  YAY for having the BEST running week ever, that is awesome girl!!!!!  Yay for your uber workouts!  That is fab your bro and dad are going to be speed walkers, great family event for sure!!!

great job eating healthy; sorry you were so busy on those reports but I bet your work was grateful for your dedication to get them done, woo!  Wowzers, you had a NICE LONG RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE!  That is awesome your dad runs too!

thanks, awesome on losing 10kgs!!!!!Image  Enjoy your class tomorrow!  wow, that is great about the 10% body fat too!

 I am sorry about the bronchitis and hope you feel better soon.   I am sorry about you being pre-diabetic but it sounds like you are going to kick its butt; I will keep you in my prayers and prayers you can get preggo!!!  Oh gosh, I am sorry about JT and your hubby; I will keep them in my prayers as well.  huge hugs.  Oh gosh, I wish I had bra tips but hopefully DJ will chime in; she posted about sports bras, let me see if I can find the link.  Sharon suggested Luluemon's sports bras.  Okay I found the link DJ gave me Moving Comfort., she likes the Maia.

 sooooo good to see you; I have missed you!  Congrats to you friend; thank you!!!  you are so sweet, how are you and Andrew?  hugs

bless your heart; I am sorry you have been sick.  I hope you feel better soon!!!! Image Thank you and hugs to you.

"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by Rod » June 17th, 2009, 4:53 pm
Thanks everyone for the water woe sympathy.  Seems like I''ve been needing a lot of PS Dust lately and I do appreciate it.  Hopefully, I won''t be needing anymore Dust anytime soon.  With fear and trepidation, I got up, opened the front door and low and behold, there was NO water.  We''ve gotten used to the loud droning of the drying equipment, so I even slept last night.  Maybe I slept because I was completely utterly exhausted, but at least I slept.  I worked a full day  for the first time this week.  And the restoration company called and said the inside of our condo was dry enough to take out the noisy equipment from inside.  They still have loud things out in the hall (I feel badly for our neighbors having to endure this noise), but they said they can remove them tomorrow.  Then all we need is the carpenter, drywall and painter to put everything back the way things were before the great floods of 2009 invaded the home of Rod and Charlie!!  I''m going to the gym tomorrow night.  It will be my first gym session since Sunday.  I don''t like going this many days without working out, but it has been an unusually freaky week for us. 

It''s 11 PM now, so I have to sign off and get ready for bed. 

bee*  I''m hoping you have the most wonderful wedding ever!!

Hey to everyone......

Post by marcy » June 17th, 2009, 5:51 pm

Hi everyone.  I started my day again with cinnamon toast and fresh fruit.  Trying to finish a loaf of cinnamon bread myself is getting old.  I made dump cake to bring to work and had a small piece of that before it disappeared (which it did quickly).  For lunch I had a sandwich and baked lays.  I picked up a small burger for supper before my cake decorating class.

Marty bought himself a 10” laptop that I can’t wait to play with.  If I wasn’t planning looking at bigger or better EC diamonds on Friday I might have him get me one too since with case and 1 extra gig of memory it all came to $400 (and they have different colors) but I honestly don’t need 2 laptops.  My Vaio is too big for me to pack around to school with everything else I take to school but the only Marty got only weighs 2.6 pounds.

I watered my flowers (or what’s left of them) this morning.  They look bad.  Some are certainly dead, the pansies are looking fine and the petunias don’t have much left of them.  Stupid hail.

Bee, my thoughts will be with you tomorrow.  I know you’ll be a beautiful bride.  I will be anxious to see your wedding photos.  I am sending PS dust your way for some sunshine.

SapphireLover, that is great you started your day with part 2 of your DVD.

Danielle, sounds like a busy work days for you but good for you keeping your food in check.  That is great you ran 4 miles.  I bet you do miss your parents sometimes.  My parents actually live about ½ a mile from us so I see them about once a week. 

Arjunajane, yay for celebrating after your exams.  Congratulations on dropping body fat, inches and feeling toned.  Woo hoo!   I would definitely track the info yourself.  

Tlh, I was impressed I stopped at one bread stick too because those things are wonderful.  I am pretty stoked I can walk so much now.  Last summer I walked a mile in the race for the cure and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face that day.  The old Marcy could barely walk around a grocery store let alone a mile.  I am doing it again this year.  It’s one of the easiest things I can do considering my bad knees and feet.  All right for making the race a family affair.  How exciting.  Sorry to hear it’s getting hot in the morning for you.  We are finally warming up here but only 70’s so far.

Steph, good to hear from you.  How are you doing?

Babysteps, get well for that long trip back to the states.  Marty said his flight from Denver to Phoenix this week was NOTHING.

Skippy, strawberries sound good.  I am going to have them with breakfast tomorrow.  It was hot enough today my frosting got hard in my car.  My hands are sore from really squeezing the bags tonight.

Rod, glad to hear things are getting better for you guys.  That is great you slept last night and went to work for awhile today.

Take care.  Image


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Post by lliang_chi » June 17th, 2009, 6:54 pm
Marcy, great with joining the water cooler group! Carrying less water is always a bonus and you have the added benefit of having some quick diversions during work. We''re doing a BBQ this weekend also. It''s James''s graduation, so his whole family will be in town. We''re going to do a BBQ on Sat. I''m thinking BBQ ribs, pulled pork, slaw with vinaigrette and grilled veggies.

Sharon, YES! for no snow. How awful is it that we have to say that in June. I hope all the good weather lasts for you...

Rod, HUUUUUGE dust for all this house problem stuff!!! I can''t even begin to think what that would be like. I really hope it all gets resolved permanently soon. Maybe you can use this as an opportunity to change your paint color? I dunno, just trying to do a glass half full approach. We''re having water issues too, the windows and sliding doors are leaking and I have damaged dry wall in my house. I''m going to use it as an excuse to repaint, as soon as they figure out how to fix my water leaking issue.

Bee, I probably missed you, but DUST DUST DUST for the wedding!! Congratulations!

SapphireLover, Hello and welcome!!! I''m with you about being a healthy bride and the folks here are AWESOME!

TLH, awesome with your morning run! I haven''t dragged my butt out of bed again, but I''m hoping to do it on Friday. I need to do a mid-day workout before my floor wiping session with my trainer. :) Yay, so much fun that your family''s doing a 5K with you. :)

Skip, jogging while running. Sounds like a hoot, but also a good workout! I hate doing lawn work so you''re my hero. I did change my garbage disposal a few weeks back with my sister''s help so I''m not useless around the house. :)

Shiny, I''m so impressed you gained all the self confidence you have despite of a rough time growing up. You''re an inspiration. The chairs are all brown leather and lend a clean modern look to my glass dining table. As for the bra I use, I would try buying sports bras from They have separate section for C+ size. I''m not quite as large as you 36D, but I also had the same problem with sports bras. I also tend to wear smaller sized because I hate the bounce when I''m running. So I need to cool off completely to take my bras off, lest I dislocate a shoulder. Just kidding, sorta.

Danielle, I''m so not a morning person. I was more of one before James''s bad sleeping in habits rubbed off on me. Now I''m a terrible sleep-in-er. It doesn''t help that I work from home...

Arjuna, awesome for the gym workouts. Hooray! you''re all done with your exams. You definitely deserve a reward day. :)

Babysteps, hope you feel better. Hugs to you.

Tomorrow I have a second round interview at 11AM. I hope you guys can spare some extra job dust. I really want this position. I didn''t work out today, but I did have my floor wiping on Tuesday. I''m going to try to do a quick run during the day tomorrow and have my second floor wiping session. I''m finally kinda sore today. :) My trainer is quite impressed with our fitness level. I always thought I was way outta shape, but I guess I am a little healthy under all my pudgey-ness. :)

Post by marcy » June 17th, 2009, 7:15 pm
Lisa, PS dust coming your way for the interview tomorrow.  That is wonderful the trainer is impressed with your fitness level.  All your hard work is paying off.  Have fun at your BBQ this weekend.  Congratulations to James for graduation!
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Post by FL Steph » June 18th, 2009, 1:38 am
Skippy, thank you! We are doing well. Andrew is out of school for the summer, so we are keeping busy going to the pool almost everyday....he is a little fish swimming all over the pool!

Marcy, hey girl! Good to "see" you here too! I hope you and Marty are doing well! I''ve been lurking on this thread here and there, but we are expecting, so not really trying to lose weight right now, but I am keeping up with healthy eating and exercising when I''m not feeling sick! I''ll be back to this thread full force once the baby is born!

Post by arjunajane » June 18th, 2009, 6:15 am
Date: 6/17/2009 10:46:38 PM
Author: Skippy123



thanks, awesome on losing 10kgs!!!!!Image Enjoy your class tomorrow! wow, that is great about the 10% body fat too!

lol, Skip you need to read my post again hon - the 10kg was a mistake!Image
Thats like 22 pounds in 5 weeks - sooo, nope not accurate.


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Post by canuk-gal » June 18th, 2009, 6:34 am

Mornin'' ya''ll!!Image

Did the hour deep water exercise class today--she really worked us hard!  I also ran again the current in the river for 20 minutes before, so all in all a good workout.

Take care folks!

"People who possess great qualities, do not need to show off".

Post by Skippy » June 18th, 2009, 6:34 am
Date: 6/18/2009 12:15:14 PM
Author: arjunajane

lol, Skip you need to read my post again hon - the 10kg was a mistake!Image
Thats like 22 pounds in 5 weeks - sooo, nope not accurate.
Oh, I did the conversion on google and got 2.2 lbs, so I thought sounded good; I guess I did the conversion wrong  1kg = 2.2 lbs we don't weigh in kgs so I didn't know what that was in lbs.  Well it sounds like you are in great shape with all your biking and workouts!  I would get a scale for sure

"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by Skippy » June 18th, 2009, 6:56 am
Good Morning!!!!  I Jogged 2.5 miles and then went over to this steep steep hill we have close by and sprinted up it and walked down and did that about 10 times and then walked 1 mile home.Image  I saw a bunch of Lil CUTE bunnies too! hehe Image  My hip was hurting and lower back was hurting me last night and just sprinting up steep hills help strengthen it and yip, it feels much better after doing that.  Image  Oh I would have jogged longer but I got started at 9 am and it was HOT out!Image

I need to get some reading done today.  I am going to go mop the floor now! hehe  I probably will have a huge spinach salad for dinner and a veggie burger for dinner w/a slice of avocado as I have half the avocado left since hubby is not here to help me.

Have a great day friends!!!!!!!!!!!Image


ROD ~ oh thank goodness there was no more water; hope this week gets lots better!  Enjoy the gym tonight!!!  Hugs.

MARCY ~ yay for a new laptop!  yay for your cake decorating class; is Marty going to do it again?  Yum to strawberries for breakfast!

LISA ~ aw, you are so sweet.  Sprinkling lots of PS dust your wayImage lots of luck and fingers crossed for you!!!  yay for your floor wiping, sounds like hard work; yay for your trainer being impressed, you are in uber shape!!!

STEPH, yay for a little brother or sister for Andrew!Image  aw, that is so cute; my nephew is taking swim lessons right now.  You have a darling little fish hehe!!!  Yay for staying healthy during your pregnancy!

SHARON ~ yay for an uber workout Miss Sharon!!!  Sounds like the weather is nice!!!


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by tlh » June 18th, 2009, 7:42 am
babysteps- feel better soon and safe travels!
skippy- way to work it!  you rock!  hill workouts are awesome for working diff muscle groups!
rod- don''t worry about not working out.  Sometimes your body just needs a rest, ESPECIALLY in times of stress!
marcy- love your eats, and marty''s laptop sounds beesknees!  I''m glad your going to do the walk for the cure.  I love those walks too!
lliang_chi-yum!  BBQ!  I love grilled veggies!  Though truth be told, I usually fill up on the snacky bits... funny thing about my morning workouts, I just read an article on and they said the best time of day to workout is between 5-6 PM due to the muscles already being warmed up... which lessens the chance for injury.  But if I waited until 5-6 to run in the summers... I wouldn''t run! haha!  Have fun w/your trainer!
canuk- water running!  That is awesome!  Glad you enjoyed your class.

Everyone enjoy your Thursdays! Image

Today I got up, was sore, I''m working on strengthening my feet, to help prevent my plantar fasciiatis from coming back.  I never knew what a PF was before, but now that I figured it out.. I dont want that pain to come back EVER AGAIN.  So I''m working out my feet, and they are sore.  I thought about taking the day off because my calves are sore too from all the exercises I''m doing.  (I''m trying to transition from midfoot striker to forefoot striker.)  WOWZERS just trying to focus on landing is a mental mess.  But I ran anyway, since I''ll take tomorrow morning off.  (The hubs wants to go out Saturday night, so Sundays workout will have to be moved to Saturday morning.)  The run was good.  Saw the hubs on his way back in from his run, he high fived me, which I''m sure looked weird to the traffic and other runner''s around us.  They must have been like, is this weird lady gonna high five me too?  or not.  The eats are good.  I''ve been reducing the amount of refined sugar and carbs in my diet and it has done WONDERS for my energy level.  I still get the afternoon lull around 1-2pm... but I find a quick walk to even the restroom, is enough of a perk I need to keep me away from crashing from staring at the computer for too long.

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Post by somethingshiny » June 18th, 2009, 9:00 am
Marcy~ I''m going to run over and look at your pearls!! btw-Your bbq sounds great! We''ve decided to do a ham this year with all the summmery sides for Father''s Day. I''d love to see some pics of your cake decorating. I''ve thought of taking a class myself. and, awww to the tiny computer!

bee~ Congratulations!!

Sapphire~ Thanks for the book recommendation. I hadn''t heard of it. I have dealt with my symptoms for several years and have found what I *think* to be the best diet. But, it would be great to have some more things to try.

Danielle~ Great job on your 4 mile run!!

arjunajane~ Congrats on finishing your exams!

tlh~ Your friend sounds like me with her bras. I have to replace them because they stretch so quickly--it sucks. And, I insist on strapping the girls down to do any working out! I don''t even go for comfortable, just stay-put-ness! Wow to your whole family running the 5k!! I didn''t know you were strengthening your feet, how is that possible?!? LOL to high fiving the public! Wow to cutting back on your sugar and carbs!

babysteps~ Lots of get well dust for you! Moving is hard enough without feeling miserable!

Skippy~ Great walks and sprints for you!! I''m sorry your hip and back are hurting. Don''t overdue yourself! What are you reading?? And, THANKS for the bra link!! Gosh, when reading your post, it makes it sound much worse than it is for us! I don''t FEEL like everything sucks, but it sure looks like it when reading about it!!

Rod~ Yay for the end of the flood! Did you see a rainbow?!

lliang~ Congratulations on James'' Graduation! Your chairs sound great! And thanks for the website rec. LOL to dislocating a shoulder. I keep thinking that would be better than these black eyes!! Dust dust dust for your interview!!

Steph~ Glad you get to take Andrew to the pool! We just got JT a backyard pool yesterday. It''s octagonal and 10ft x 10ft. It''s about 2 ft deep but we only filled it about 18" so he can sit without drowning. Last year it seemed like he really wanted to swim. This year he''s a bit panic-stricken. I''m hoping that the neighbor kids will inspire him a bit! And, just because you''re expecting doesn''t mean you shouldn''t be posting here! That''s the best time to share your Healthy Lifestyle! You can post things like; Waist measurement is 2" bigger and I''ve gained 3 lbs! YAYAY! We will be happy to celebrate that with you!

canuk~ Your exercise sounds really run!

I just finished some terrible yoga. I don''t know who thinks that I should be able to grab my toe and put it next to my ear while standing on the other leg and looping my arm, but it AIN''T gonna happen! Come on! I can put my legs behind my head but I can''t even come CLOSE to doing that crazy pose!! I''m having a frozen fruit cup for lunch and I think we''ll be grilling something for supper. I think I will do a pork loin on the grill. It takes like an hour to cook, but it''s soo good. And, it''s delicious with grilled peppers and onions!

Have a great day, all!!!!

*** 1 in 100 ***

Post by Dee*Jay » June 18th, 2009, 12:15 pm
Happy Thursday kids!  Not much exciting to report, just working out and trying to eat well (except for those many many 1/2 donuts I have eaten at my office today... but if you cut them in half all the calories leak out and they don''t count, right?!?).  Going to a restaurant tonight with the XHH and some of my clients.  We are having the tasting menu with wine parings.  Maybe I should plan already on skipping the scale tomorrow... Image

Gotta bolt off and W-A-L-K the mutts before the sky opens up.  Later gators!

Post by *~*Danielle*~* » June 18th, 2009, 2:06 pm
Hi All! Just got back from my run - had to go to the gym as it''s rain, rain, rain ALL the time here it seems! I decided to take a really easy run today as I''m running again tomorrow and did a slow 3.5 miles. It was actually relaxing, hehe.

Happy tomorrow is Friday! Hope everyone else is good!

Post by marcy » June 18th, 2009, 4:13 pm

Hi everyone.  I had sourdough toast for breakfast, some bing cherries and had cheerios for mid morning snack.  Lunch was baked lays and a PB sandwich on the SL 45 cal slice wheat bread.  For supper I had a chicken sandwich and a small dish of soft serve ice cream.

My garnet bracelet came back from repair so I walked around the entire mall, picked up my bracelet, got a twin set at Penney’s after coupon and sale price it came to $10.56.  I love bargains!

Steph, glad to hear you are doing well.  I hope you don’t get morning sickness too often.

Arjunajane, progress is progress.  Woo hoo!

Sharon, sounds like you are getting in a lot of water workouts.  My legs can almost feel the muscles you’d work walking the current in the river.

Skippy, yay for a great jog this morning and for it helping your achy back.  I will be cleaning house again Saturday and Sunday before the family BBQ.  I ended up having bing cherries for breakfast and will finish my strawberries tomorrow morning.

Tlh, it is so hard to focus on changing something that comes natural.  Glad your PF went away; I hope it doesn’t come back.  That is great you notice such a boost in energy from changing your dietary intake.  I am glad the best time is exercise is pm instead of am.  I have a hard time getting up any earlier than I have too.

Somethingshiny, ham with summery side dishes will be great.  We have ham at Christmas and I always make homemade mac and cheese to go with it.  I really am enjoying the cake class.  I will probably take course 3 next month.  It’s tiered cakes and fondant.  My joints just groaned listening to you describe that crazy yoga pose.  Good luck!

DeeJay, calories leak out of the holes in donuts too.  If you eat a donut hole you get more calories than a donut because basic physics tell us the densest portion always go to the center of an object.  Makes sense to me.  Have fun at dinner tonight.

Danielle, glad you got in a run in spite of the rain.

Take care.  Image


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Post by Rod » June 18th, 2009, 4:57 pm
Hey......this will have to be quick.  It''s already going on 11.  On gym days, there really aren''t enough hours in the day.  Today was the best day so far this week.  No floods, and they took all the lud dyring machines away, so it''s quiet.  I''m going to have to battle with our condo association.  I''ll try to make this part short, but we''ve been experiencing extremely high water pressure the last couple weeks.  I actually told them about it, and it wasn''t until our flood that they checked the master valve that supports our floor and low and hehold, the valve is defective.  Of course they just sent out an email today letting everyone know on floors 3 - 7 that the water will be off tomorrow for 4 hours so they can replace a faulty valve.  So, I called the water softener company today and asked what happens to a softening system when the water pressure exceeds normal levels and the answer was it would blow it''s fitting.  Amazing huh?  Our water softener blew it''s fitting.....twice.  I don''t think we should be making a claim against our homeowner''s insurance when the problem was clearly caused by a faulty valve owned by the building.  I did do the gym tonight.  It was a nice long workout.  Dinner was a nice salad.  We''re going for our usual Friday night sushi, froyo and coffee tomorrow night.

I wish I could say hi to everyone individually, but I''ve got to send truck loads of PS Dust to you Lisa for a most successful interview.  A second interview is a very positive sign for sure!!!

Sleep well everyone!! 

Post by marcy » June 18th, 2009, 7:01 pm
Rod, maybe your home owner''s insurance will fight with the owners for you.  That is awful their faulty valve caused all that damage and problem.  Good luck with that.
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Post by lliang_chi » June 18th, 2009, 7:27 pm
Hi everyone!

Huge thanks for the PS dust. I think the interview went well. I spoke to a partner and really sold my enthusiasm for the position and company. He mentioned casually "this seems like a good fit," so I''m hoping to hear something positive in the next few days. So I dunno if PS dust is warranted after the interviews, but I''m soooo hoping I get this position. It''d be a HUGE weight off my mind.

Had our floor wiping session today. I fell down. Image Actually we were doing lunges (if I''m facing 12 o clock, feet at the 4 and 8 o clock position) with a 20lb barbell and my knee "wiggled" and I fell. I''m icing my knee now. I''ve been told the muscles/tendons along the inside of my knees are "lazy" and that''s probably why I have trouble during ski season & with the lunges today. The Trainer got freaked out but I was able to stand and finish the workout so it was good. Except for me being a total spazz. The workout was pretty easy for me today. He did some killer abs stuff, so I''m hoping that''ll show up tomorrow in soreness. I was telling James about all the exercises The Trainer makes us do and he''s way impressed at what we''re doing. :)

James''s graduation is tomorrow. His family came in tonight and we had dinner with his parents in Chinatown. Mmmm... Jellyfish & beef satay (the beef was okay) for apps. Dishes were steamed tilapia, yushan pork, black pepper beef, and chinese broccoli. Tasty. I drank a fair amount of green tea which is probably why I''m up now. James has been "text fighting" with his sister all night, so we''re having a glass of wine (Front Porch Merlot, which is really good and I usually HATE Merlot) to unwind. I''m hoping it''ll help. And he''s playing with the dog, she''s always good at making him feel better.

Rod, SOOOO happy your water softner issues are all sorted out. I hope the reno won''t take too long. I DEFINITELY think it''s worth you charging your building for the damages since it''s the building''s fault. Maybe you can talk to your homeowner''s ppl.

Steph, So glad to hear you''re doing alright. You should definitely keep posting here. It''s even more important to stay healthy now and you can talk about your food intake with us, etc. Dust dust dust to an easy pregnancy. So cute Andrew loves swimming. I''m glad he knows how. It''s really important for kids to learn how to swim.

Sharon, Wow, lots of water exercises. You''re totally inspiring me to hop in the pool at some point. Keep posting about all your water workouts, It''ll rub off on me soon. You''re doing awesome!

Skip, 2.5 miles and a hill!!! AWESOME! Hill runs are GREAT for interval training you''ll really gain stamina and burn calories that way (so says The Trainer). I''m glad your back & hip is doing okay now.

TLH, Hm, didn''t know about when the best time to workout is, but I also think the body is a very adaptable machine, so you''re probably used to your morning runs by now. What kinda of feet strengthening stuff do you do? I''m glad your PF has passed, I hope you don''t have to deal with it again. SO cute about your high fives. I don''t think James would do that with me. He''s "too cool." Awesome with nixing the refined carbs. I totally find it makes a difference too. :)

Shiny, I TOTALLY hear you on some of the CRAZY yoga poses!!!! I''m glad you''re still doing it. I think I''m going to lay off it until my wrist gets better. How''s yours by the way? I think I''m going to try acupuncture next to try to alleviate the pain. Pork loin on the grill, wow, never tried it but it sounds delish! Do you make a little sandwich with the peppers or just eat the two together on a plate?

Dee, Happy Thursday! I''m hoping for no rain tomorrow, I''m SO sick of not having summer weather in JUNE! let me know where the dinner is, I''m always on the search for new and tasty restaurants.

Danielle, 3.5 miles that''s AWESOME! And you found it refreshing! You''re totally a runner now!!! I''m a wanna-be runner, but you''re inspiring me to be a full fledged one now. Just need to get those shoes first....

Marcy, Mmmm.. bing cherries. SOOO tasty! I could eat a whole bag. AWESOME on the scored deal! I love bargains too.

Question to everyone: I''m in the market for a heart rate monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Post by *~*Danielle*~* » June 19th, 2009, 2:10 am
Date: 6/19/2009 1:27:31 AM
Author: lliang_chi

Danielle, 3.5 miles that''s AWESOME! And you found it refreshing! You''re totally a runner now!!! I''m a wanna-be runner, but you''re inspiring me to be a full fledged one now. Just need to get those shoes first....

Question to everyone: I''m in the market for a heart rate monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Liang - I just got my husband the Garmin Forerunner 305.  It''s a running watch and a heart rate monitor.  The running part is totally awesome as it''s GPS enabled and it tracks where you actually are in your workout, speed, distance, etc.  The heartrate monitor tracks your actual heart rate and I believe can be set to beep if you go too high or too low.  It''s on sale at Costco right now for $150, but is $170 on  The watch is a little bulky and may be too big if you have really petite wrists, but it may inspire you further to run :).  That''s actually why I got it for my hubby - he''s not too into running, but I really like it, so I figured if I got him a fun toy for running, he''d like it better.  It''s working so far!

Oh, PS - best of luck/dust with the job interviewing!  Hope this opportunity works out!!!!

I need new shoes too - my sneaks only have about 200-225 miles on them, but I''m starting to feel a lot of aches and pains and the shoes just feel different than before.  Maybe I will take a trip to the running store this weekend!

Skip - hill training - awesome!  Behind my house is a very short street with a very steep hill - I always try to run that street at least once if I''m running around the neighborhood but man it''s killer!

tlh - my hubby and I high five when we are running in the park too.  We always say, "go Team Lastname!", hehhehe.

Marcy - how do you like the Sara Lee bread?  We always get pepperidge farm, and I usually make one sandwich out of one piece of bread.  I''m into making my own bread, but it tastes too good and then we eat the entire loaf in 2 days!

Somethingshiny - that sounds like a serious yoga pose.  I don''t think I can get my leg over my head period!

Sharon - I assume if you are running outside the weahter is holding for you!  Yay!  Great workout!

Dee - haha, half donuts definitely make the calories leak out.

Rod - glad there was no flooding today!  And I would CERTAINLY bring up the issue with the Homeowners Association & the Owners.  You & Charlie are not responsible for this issue!!  Hope it gets better over the weekend!

Post by tlh » June 19th, 2009, 5:01 am
shiny- your yoga comments crack me up.  I struggle to touch my toes.  Stupid tight hamstrings!  How fast you lose flexibility.  Impressed that you can put your legs behind your bed... Image

Dee*Jay - I hope you have fun at the event!

Danielle - good job getting to the gym!!!  It is always the hardest part for me... getting out the door.  Image  I''m glad you got something to movitate your DH to run with you.  My hubs runs with me, but he openly admits to hating it.  I''ve bought him gadgets too, and he RESISTED wearing them at first... now he''s all like -- ooo I burned 2,500 calories on today''s workout... bleh, men.  (where is the jealous emotie?)

marcy - your eats sound fab.  I love your positive thinking on the donuts!!!

Rod- glad you got your workout in and your dindin sounds YUMMERS!  Also, KEEP THE PARTS!  As an insurance adjuster in a past life, we DO fight those battles for you... however, I''m not sure how the claims effect the premiums if that was your concern.  I was not an underwriter. 

lliang_chi - dust for results!  I''m sorry about your knee, I hope it wasn''t anything serious.  The exercises I do are like silly, like skipping and running barefoot.  But I also do the typical instable surface workouts barefoot too.  I recently bought a pair of Nike Frees to walk to work in, and wow.  I didn''t realise what a difference they make.  I tried running in them, but I haven''t built up enough foot strength yet.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."   William Arthur Ward

Post by Skippy » June 19th, 2009, 10:50 am
Somethingshiny, here is a link to sports bras; I just happened to see today. the one DJ recommended is in there. Image excerpt
Strength training
Stay-put support is necessary during strength training, an activity that will have you bending and reaching in all directions. Look for a flattering shape that allows a full range of motion and is comfortable and supportive in a variety of positions, from standing to lying down. New from Eastern Mountain Sports’ Bodhi line, the Women’s Bodhi Bra (top) offers multi-layer support and a wear-on-its-own design. The thick straps cross in back, staying put during reaches, bends and twists. ($35; Available at For the styling of a molded underwire bra without the metal, choose the Champion Powersleek (bottom). This bra has thick adjustable straps, a back closure and thin molded cups. A wide elastic band and sizing range of 34C to 44DDD ensure a good fit. ($42; Available at
Aerobics and dance
Before you shimmy, shake and step your way to fitness, find a bra that can withstand up-down-and-all-around movements. In high-impact classes, you’ll want a breathable bra with maximum support and freedom of movement. For uplifting control, consider underwire cups. The Moving Comfort Maia Bra (top) is available in C, D, DD and E cups. A high neckline prevents over-exposure while a back closure and molded underwire inner-bra provide a snug fit. ($46; Find a retailer at The vibrant shell of the Athleta Printed Bra Top (bottom) masks an interior bra with lightly padded underwire cups and a back closure. The flat-seamed garment has a racer back and wide straps. ($20; Available at

"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by Skippy » June 19th, 2009, 11:30 am
Hello Friends!!!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend coming up and a great father's day to the dad's out thereImage

I walked on the treadmill for 30 mins before Muscle hour/core revolution.  I had a great workout in Muscle hour; lunges, squats, push ups, sit ups, etc. 
I was looking for a beach house for my family; there are so many to sift threw!  You would think it would be easy. 

Hope everyone is having a great FridayImage

TLH, I had plantar fasciitis once when I was in college from walking in flip flops.  I had no clue what it was but it was the most painful thing ever in the ball of my foot; it took me a month to get over it.  I try hard not to wear flats with no support.  I a sorry you suffer from that from time to time; that is great you do exercise for your feet!!  Sounds like you are doing awesome with your workouts and hopefully someday I will be as awesome as you! hehe

SOMETHINGSHINY, wowzers, you are super flexible!!!  You are awesome with those yoga poses!  yay for grilling; and fresh fruit, two of my favorite things!! hehe

DEEJAY, yay for walking the doggies!  Oh man I love donuts and I have NO willpower when they are within walking distance to one! hehe  Enjoy they are pure goodness!

DANIELLE, yay for an uber RUN, you star!!!  cool info on the garmin forerunner; I will have to see if my costco has them!

MARCY, yum to cherries; I love cherries!!!  Oh I need to do more house cleaning; well I need to clean out my closet and the bookshelves. 

ROD, yay for a wonderful gy day and sooooooo HAPPY the loud drying machines are gone! woo!  Oh gosh, you shouldn't have to pay for any of that, seriously; you told them they should have fixed it!!!!  I would get the to foot the bill if you can!

LISA, sending PS dust, yay for a great interview!!  Okay, I am sorry if I missed it but what is floor wiping?  is that your uber PT session?  I am sorry about the barbell hitting your knee, ouch!  YAY happy graduation to James!!!Image


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by Rod » June 19th, 2009, 5:01 pm
Hey......It was a loooooong day as usual.  I''m absolutely convinced stress does not help sciatica.  My leg has really hurt this week and lord knows I''ve had stress this week.  I called our homeowner''s insurance this morning to let them know about the situation with the water pressure.  Then I told the Disaster Recovery company I didn''t want my insurance company billed.  Then, and I was dreading this, I spoke with our building manager.  I really expected her to push back and give me a hard time, but she was absolutely wonderful and in complete agreement that the water pressure caused the flood and said she would tell the board that the association was going to have to take responsibility for the great flood of 2009.  What a relief to know we won''t have to pay our $1,000 deductible.   Otherwise the day was OK.  I worked hard, then I had a chiropractor appointment so I actually left work around 5:15.  After that I met Charlie for Sushi.  We were both a bit full, so we just had coffee at the Sbucks closer to the condo.  We''re going to the gym tomorrow before Charlie has to go to work at 4 PM.  He''ll be off at 8, so we''ll have a late dinner after he''s finished with work.  Sunday, we''re going to take a day off and go see Hangover, which we''ve heard is really funny.  And after this ''uber'' fun week, we need a laugh your head off movie.

It''s now 11 PM, so I''m signing off.  I probably won''t be able to check in again until Sunday evening.  I hope everyone has a great weekend......... 

Post by arjunajane » June 19th, 2009, 8:08 pm
Date: 6/18/2009 12:34:55 PM
Author: Skippy123
Date: 6/18/2009 12:15:14 PM

Author: arjunajane

lol, Skip you need to read my post again hon - the 10kg was a mistake!Image

Thats like 22 pounds in 5 weeks - sooo, nope not accurate.
Oh, I did the conversion on google and got 2.2 lbs, so I thought sounded good; I guess I did the conversion wrong 1kg = 2.2 lbs we don''t weigh in kgs so I didn''t know what that was in lbs. Well it sounds like you are in great shape with all your biking and workouts! I would get a scale for sure

hey Skip,
oh I''m sorry I wasn''t upset or anything, I hope it didn''t sound like thatImage
I just didn''t want to be misrepresenting my progress so drastically is all!
maybe in future I will post anything like that in lbs and inches for ease of understanding Image


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and the truly imaginative never otherwise than analytic.

Edgar Allan Poe

Post by tlh » June 20th, 2009, 4:51 am
skippy - your workouts sound awesome!!! Yeah the foot dr. said I got the PF from the ballet flats that are popular and thongs.  Which is basically my foot attire when I''m not in sneaks.  CRAZY!  I think you are already an awesome and inspiring individual.  It doesn''t matter how you place, just that you played the game.

rod- I want to see the hangover too!  I''m hoping that the laughter will count towards this weeks situps!  Image

arjunajane - congrats to any weight loss big or small, shedding is shedding... and I am very happy for you! 

Some people dancing, some people singing going.. HOT HOT HOT.  Yup.  It is now HOT.  Running in the heat stinks.  I''m going to have to start running at 4:30 and 5 am soon.  SUCKS.  Oh well.  This morning was good.  The runners must have either beaten me to the streets, or were sleeping, because the only people I saw out today were the dog walkers.  Which is AWESOME, poochies need ex. too.. and a good thing to get them out before they burn their little paws on the hot ground.  I''ll go swimming in a little bit, and some weight training.  WHOOP weekend workouts.  Then I think I''m going to find a patio with the hubs, sit outside, and have a pint or two.  (ahhh, my FAVORITE CARBS! post workout...I know I know.. SHAMEFUL!)

"There is no pain that will hurt as much as quiting."  xxx

Everyone else enjoy father''s day weekend.   Image

Post by canuk-gal » June 20th, 2009, 6:12 am
Date: 6/20/2009 10:51:44 AM
Author: tlh

I''m going to find a patio with the hubs, sit outside, and have a pint or two. (ahhh, my FAVORITE CARBS! post workout...I know I know.. SHAMEFUL!)

Amen sista!  If it weren''t for these carbs I wouldn''t consume manyImage

Did my runw/walk yesterday...shoulda gone golfing with the DH this morning but was too lazy to get out of bed early......

Hope everyone is AOK!Image

Rod--good news about the condo assoc. paying your deductable
Shout out to the reso of you fine folks!!!!

"People who possess great qualities, do not need to show off".

Post by Skippy » June 20th, 2009, 2:33 pm
Hi friends; I was suppose to go to Weight watchers this morning but I woke up with a headache and thought it was a killer sinus headache but turned out to be a migraine.Image  I went back to bed and slept and just sort of took it easy; it was triggered from stress, which is silly because I shouldn't let things get to me.  

Oh a good note I did go visit my sister and 3 yr nephew last night; they are such much fun to hang out with.  My nephew loves to show me all his toys and when I was trying on a new perfume my sister bought he pulled out his J&J baby cologne (who knew they made that for kiddos)?!?! hahaImage
In fact I called over to their house today and my nephew answered and he said Stephi you come over Now (he decided this, hahaha); you can play trucks with me and I will give you my green truck and he shouted to while on the phone with me, "mom, Stephi is coming over!"Image  um, no I didn't go over,since it was naptime for him, but it made me feel good that he likes his auntie. hehehImage 

Tomorrow we are taking my dad out to eat for his day!!!!  Yay for dads!   Have a great weekend friendsImage

AJ, hello

TLH, eek to hot but woooo for your awesome dedication you superstar!  Wow, 4:30, that is dedication for sure!!!!  aw, super cute to he dog walkers! hehe  Oh goodness I love me a beer, especially Chimay!!! hehee  YUM, enjoy, and cheers you so deserve it after your run, swim and weights super ladyImage

SHARON, yay for your run walk and golf!!!!  I remember when I first joined you had the golfing avie!!! hehe 

ROD, that is good news about the home owners assoc paying for the deductible!!!  hugs, sorry about the great flood of 09.  Hope you and Charlie are having a much better weekend.


"The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible" Rich Devos

Post by lliang_chi » June 20th, 2009, 6:14 pm
YAY EVERYONE!!!! I got the job!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!ImageImageImageImage Thanks for all the PS dust, it sure worked!!!

Today was James''s graduation. It was a loooong day, he wanted to tailgate in the morning before graduation, so we were up by 7AM. His sister has been on edge the whole weekend. Which makes James mad, and causing tension, but hopefully we''ll be able to diffuse it. I feel bad for her because she''s normally really pleasant, there must be something going on that''s causing her to be so on edge. So I didn''t get any workout today. And we went out for dinner actually ate out all three meals, and drank a fair bit during the day. Tomorrow, somehow, I want to get a workout in, but I don''t think I''ll be able to.

Rod, I definitely agree you need a laugh your head off movie. Enjoy the weekend, you guys SOOOO deserve it.
Skip, Yay! For your super awesome workouts. And that info on sports bras. I''m going to have to look into that.

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