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Happy new week all!

I found the article Rod posted very thought provoking concerning cardio, in fact much of that can apply to me....Image  My cardio sessions normally range from at least 45 mins to an hour which I find incredibly boring - I try to cut back on cardio and try other methods but I always slip back into my old ways as I really don't like using weights.  So again I need to rethink and see about reducing cardio time.  Now and then it does pay to really concentrate on what we are doing for workouts and whether we are getting the best return for the time we spend.  Monotony can set in quickly as I have found so consider shaking things up a bit, you could decide to try a class such as Zumba which is popular ( Tacori has done this with great results), other dance classes or perhaps a team sport, swimming etc.  There are many options available and the trick is to do something and keep it fun as the article says - definitely food for thought....

So maybe spend a little time going over your workout routine and where you might make some changes in order to increase results, for me I will be trying to stick to no more than half an hour on the treadmill and look at the weights again....

Have a great week Image
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