Post by cindygenit » September 3rd, 2009, 10:54 pm
Hi All...

I have been on a cupcake spaz lately and I need to find healthier options to my current recipe... Can I substitute plain flour with wholemeal (?) flour without compromising the texture and taste? I also NEVER use full cream milk in my recipes... I usually use Hi-Lo, and sometimes skim. I also heard that I could substiture butter with marge (but never tried this before).

Some of my own recipes that I dreamed up in my head are:
1. Banana oatmeal Honey Cupcakes (tried it, LOVE it)
2. Green tea cupcakes
3. Strawberry cupcakes

I guess I am planning to make these in the next week or so... Just hoping someone can tell me if wholemeal flour will make the cupcakes taste less nice?
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