Post by Gayletmom » December 26th, 2009, 12:49 pm
DH gave me a YG charm bracelet for Christmas but he and I agree that it will be returned and we should keep looking. The problem is that the one he purchased, from James Avery, is their "medium weight" but I would like something a bit sturdier. I am a southern girl and collecting charms is a tradition in my family-my grandmother''s bracelet holds 21 gold charms-and I''m hoping to get them as gifts for years. The bracelet will eventually become a sentimental piece and I would hate to loose it.

Any suggestions on where to look for such a thing? I haven''t had much luck at my local B&M. I thought of Pearlman''s but don''t see anything that is quite right online, perhaps I''ll drop them a note.

Other ideas?