Post by D2B » November 28th, 2011, 2:15 pm

Sorry if this comes accross as a dobule post, not sure what happend to my first post. I bought my husband a longines watch a few years ago, he loves it but it needs a watch winder. He has two watches he alternates, the other one doesnt need one ( also a Longine). The new watch will sometimes be worn for a few weeks and then put away for a month or so. The longines site says 3-8 rotations per minute is sufficient. not quite sure what that means, :lol: but all advice and recommendations would be much appreciated.

I need a single watch winder, where he can store his watch for longer time period. Not too expensive, but quite and good quality - a few pricepoints would be welcome. Hints on how to look after such a watch would be appreciated as well. After loving my diamond researching I can see that this is a whole new world to discover :lol: but need to get someting asap, as they need to ship to australia for christmas.

all help appreciated, many thanks