Post by CherryBlossom » May 14th, 2011, 1:40 pm
I need to ship about 28 lbs worth of clothing to Germany because my cousin will be studying abroad. All the clothes were bought on sale on various dates but my mom cut the tags off the bottom so you can't see the price. So all the items LOOK NEW. So now I feel like she's going to have to pay a HUGE tax once it arrives there. What's the best way to avoid? who should I ship the items with and what's the best way I can go about paying for it so she does not have to pay for it on her end once it arrives... she's totally broke and living off of funds her own family and my family gave her :/ ugh. I am so over by this process and want to wash my hands of it. Already called UPS and they are unhelpful and confusing.

can you all tell I'm annoyed ?

P.S - she does not care when the items arrive, I just don't want to pay hundreds of dollars.